Axe Wielding Clown Gets Chop

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On January 14th at 4:30 PM police respond to an incident at the Daily Grind on Main St.

The victim, a middle age inebriated male in a clown suit, deliriously stumbles about the scene. He nearly trips over a broken chair and slumps down at the base of a tree. In hand he carries an axe, which he discards upon police arrival.

He suffers a lingering stab wound from the previous night. His infected injury, yet to heal, bleeds through his clothes.

Accompanying the victim is his doting daughter. She repeatedly presses police for an ambulance’s estimated time of arrival.

Police collect the victim’s axe into evidence and secure the scene until the arrival of Hathian General Hospital paramedics.

The victim has since recovered from his injuries and was last seen wandering Hathian’s streets.

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