Kogarashi To Reign Supreme? (A look at Hathian Past and Present)

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As I sat down to write this article it began as little more than just another stream of crimes being reported for the delights of the general public. However, as we lay to rest Deklan “Tic” Ravenheart later this week, I feel the simplicity of such a thing is wrong. So let this article stand for more than a notation of pillaging and graffiti, of assaults and taunts. Let it also stand as an epitaph for the home we once knew, as well as a reminder for of those of us that remain. The torches are being passed to us. There are shoes to fill, and a difference to make.
During my few years residing in Hathian I’ve come to understand our dark city is fundamentally different than others. It’s become a place where our heroes and notables need not be the righteous and honorable. They need only to be one of the brave few willing and able to truly stand out in a place that has long been plagued by violence. Those rare individuals, gangs, clubs, and families who have left their mark in our streets, our minds and our hearts. The Crows, the Immortals, the Regulators, the Sumfai, the Rejects, the Order, the Bloods, the Aces, John North (the Hathian sniper), Heinrich Liam, the celebrity David Pink, and PiggyMan, just to name a few.
In the recent months we’ve seen not only the passing of Ravenheart, once boasted as the ruthless lead of the MC Hathian chapter of Orcus Samedi, but rather a stream of long known local celebrities. Many meeting their end way too soon. Among that list are such names as Clio Crow (murdered), Skylar Crow (murdered), Tori Yamato (accident), Ryan “Zero” Zero (accident), (Retired) HPD Sgt. Rhys “Trevor” Pentewyn (murdered), HPD Lt. Salvador “Sal” Rejos (accident), HPD Corp. Angelina Rejos (cancer), Regulator Ira Hayes (line of duty), and so many more.
These impacting changes in our community call even more into question. Where are the others? Self ostracized with their heads buried in the proverbial sands? Lurking on social media, eating Cheetos, and drinking a Bud, like the many Adachi family accounts we’ve all been seeing? Hiding in their cubby holes, perhaps? Or did they leave to seek other, more subservient lands?
Where are the days when a group of people were so bold as to open fire on the police department during a cook out? Where are the open street gang wars over their members jumping ship from one to another? Why do we no longer see the days of the Hathian Police Department fearlessly raiding any and everything right down to wedding parties and funerals? Have we gone soft, Hathian? Have we become docile, domesticated? Where is the man, Max DeVille who once nailed the tongue of an officer to the floor at Lou’s, and the woman, Nikki “Feral” Avery who licked up the blood that spilled over it? Where is the Gideon Locke, Naomi Carmela, or Heinrich Andel of our times? As lost in legend to us as Eliot Ness for the days of Prohibition in Chicago? Where are the leaders of our businesses so boldly inclined to serve the justice of our streets in their domain as to call the cops?
Since last summer the Kogarashi, the only gang still establishing its relevance among our streets, have been hitting businesses all along the central hub of this city. Smashing windows and merchandise, abusing employees and entrepreneurs, demanding money, and staking their claim on the territories. Rader Records, XXX Shop, the Poison Apple, and Baskerville Investigations (which was put out of business by these assaults), among the places that have been hit. Is this what we have allowed ourselves to be reduced to, citizens of Hathian? Have we become indifferent to such things after suffering years upon years of endless brutality? Have we finally tamed the jungle of these streets with our lack of apparent fear or care? Are we making way for the seemingly reigning Queen, Brandie Kelly, and her henchman, Antone Camorra, to the likes of which we will bend a knee?
Will we stay in our beds with our Netflix and Chill while she leaves her mark unchallenged and demands our obedience? Are we so inclined to the age of hook-ups that sex, rather than violence, has taken all our attention? We would rather focus on establishing relationships and making marks in the sheets rather than on the streets? This woman who has recently taken possession of our very own Hathian Pawn Shop? Who will she pay her contribution to? Or will none stand against her? Do we no longer care that our passivity is the same as accepting her domination over Hathian? Are we going to sit idle until the point that she may stop demanding money and start petitioning greater tolls of us? Until the cry of “Bring me their heads!” rings loud and true through our dying city? Who dares to rise up against her? Show yourselves!
Perhaps it’s time to stop looking to the past for the solution. To let those dead souls rest and refuse to sit huddled, speaking quietly of their notoriety. Perhaps it is time for a new chapter and to forge new paths. Establish strong individuals or groups who will fearlessly seek to claim their own fame, rather than be content upon speaking of another’s.
Which begs the question: have the new line up of officers at Hathian PD growing fat and lazy, enjoying their comforts and striving to create an army of Porkins clones? Have those once proud business owners became complacent and compliant with whatever walks through their door? Should we all be commanding offerings from Hathian’s citizens? Has money finally begun to grow on these trembling trees? Are the current criminals of Hathian so satisfied with their faceless and petty crimes that they can no longer hold a candle to our last remaining titan? Their sins no longer unspeakable, but almost laughable, forgotten within a few hours of committing them?
Perhaps Valerie Broussard put it best, “Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know, No one calls you honey, when you’re sitting on a throne.” The only questions left to us now is who else will be willing to get their hands bloody, is our city in the grips of its own game of thrones, or will we simply offer up the crown?


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