Victim Of Spousal Abuse Speaks Out

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Last week the Hathian Observer was contacted about a potential story and given the details of the story, an address and a name.  What follows was difficult to write but is more difficult to read having met the woman involved and seen the results of her ordeal.  The woman in question was Syrena Yildiz Damarikov and her story is one of a once loving relationship gone bad.  Having seen Syrena’s injuries I believe what she is saying to be the truth and understand their will always be those who are unable or unwilling to believe this kind of thing happens in Hathian.  The Observer has reached out to Mr Damarikov for his side of the story but it is believed that he may have left the country.


  • Arriving at Syrena Yildiz Damarikov home I was checked for weapons and allowed into the heavily secured compound.  It was obvious that she was receiving around the clock protection as she recovered.  I was waved in by Syrena’s Doctor and taken to the room where she was sitting uncomfortably as she recovered from her wounds, while their mother detailed her ordeal her two children were taken to another room to play to save them hearing the details of what had happened to her Syrena Yildiz Damarikov was laying in pain but doped up. when I entered the room she was woke her eyes a little blurry.

Hathian Observer: “Your husband did THIS to you?”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “Yes… he is Islamic…He cheats. lies, and I filed for a divorce, he found out an told me….I wasn’t taking his sons. or his money. Don’t need his money, He hits me…I took the kids from him because he hit them. So he comes…after me…. He piggybacked a cell of my other child’s father and I went to meet……but it was Samet. It was him…. Kidnapped me and My son Kadir…”

Hathian Observer: “Please continue”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “We were good at first but it changed the minute I said “I do.” she winced moving her body. “I was.. raped a few months ago by that infamous rapist Brett, and my shame is I got pregnant, this child he kicked out of me.. was Brett’s. My husband claimed I cheated and beat the fuck out of me and sexually assaulted me… In the state, I think I might go to jail, because i miscarried? I don’t know. I don’t want to go to jail. He tried to kill me and I miscarried.” she managed.

Hathian Observer:  “Do you need to have a break, or would you like to… do you feel up to continue?”

At this point Dr Olga Sullivan came to her assistance and would explain her situation

Dr Olga Sullivan: “We were able to get some of the fetal tissue and the baby. She was 4 months pregnant, we have photos and Kadir will testify Samet punched her repeatedly as she was tied up to a pole and kicked her 4-6 times. She started bleeding out after that misscarrying. They sure wont prosecute on that right? or can they? The problem was the child was a happy healthy boy…  You cant do that and then accuse her of murder…can they?”

Hathian Observer: “I honestly do not know I’m not sure what the law is but as far as I see this she was pregnant and it was him that attacked her causing her miscarriage I would think by law that if anyone is charged with an offense it would be him.”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “Religion cannot be an excuse for murder, or rape or hurting me or my kids.  I was a good wife, I was good. I did everything he asked. You cant let them get free thinking I was shit, I was a good wife, I cooked , cleaned I obeyed this man I gave him sons, I was obedient. You cant let them say I was a whore… you cant let them say i was shit….He killed my child, it was out of rape but I still… was going to care for it…. I don’t deserve this…and he hit my oldest child.  I really loved him but its over. Hiro took the other kids to Tokyo. I went to meet Iggy, but the call was piggybacked. Which means when I went it wasn’t Iggy actually calling, it was Samet who hacked Iggy’s line and sent me the message to go meet him. NOT Iggy. ”

Hathian Observer: “What he did with the phones was potentially illegal.”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “He is not a USA citizen. He may have gone back to Turkey, ”

Hathian Observer: “Is he still in the country though I mean he may not be a US Citizen, but if your children were born here, then, maybe they are and maybe he could be tried for what he has done to them here and then be extradited to Turkey to serve the rest of his sentence for what he has done to you, all of it.”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “My kids are all american so yes he can go they stay with me. I think he needs to go home. Probably ran off. ”

Hathian Observer: “Well if’s good you have the security here”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov:  “Yes…. i just have to think about how i will deal if he comes back… Domestic violence will not be tolerated, it wont be tolerated. not by force in religion or intimidation of Divorce and or threats of kids. He raped me and that possibly started the bleeding”

Hathian Observer “Is there anything else you would like to add.”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “In the arena of religion and violence our country has had enough. We are not under Sharia law. I am not girl dishonored. I am a mother and a woman, i deserve rights and to be heard. I don’t need to tolerate Domestic violence, or rape. We have rights and men trying to enforce it from overseas is wrong. When does my body become my own? my suffering is mine and my choices that got me here I take responsibility for. I picked a man that was wrong. I am paying for it. Lesson learned. Its just not going to be tolerated in Hathian and here or anywhere, You can put that in the report. “women are sick of being treated like shit. ”

Syrena Yildiz Damarikov: “Thank you on was kind of the Hathian Oserver”

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