Matt Zero found dead in motel room

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The body of a man, believed to be in his thirties, was discovered at 9am this week in a motel. A police spokesperson states that the cause of death is a suspected overdose.

The 39 year old male, identified as Joe Mithras, was found in his room at Motel 6, Houston, Texas, fully clothed, with drug paraphernalia around him, by a motel maid, his right hand still holding a syringe whose needle was bent. The motel’s manager called the police. Police officers who arrived at the scene conducted a search and recovered three sachets of a white powder substance suspected to be heroin.

He was later identified as having previously lived by the name, Matt Carthage, who was born as an only child in Seattle. His father was a police officer, his mother, a housewife. His father was jailed for the murder of his mother in 1998 when he was just eighteen years old.

Old records list Matt as a homeless runaway three years before in connection with the theft of several candy bars from a convenience store, and there is a stack of files from the time he ran away from home, for reasons unknown, of his criminal activities which include petty theft, vandalism and more than a few violent assaults.

Looking back into his history, he suddenly disappeared for a few years, then resurfaces in a town called Perdition, with records linking him to a gang called the Gambits, ran by a woman known only as Alana. Names of other members is unknown. Rental records show that a year after he resurfaced in Perdition he bought and ran an irish pub called Nuggins which was well known as a hive of criminal activity. On the employee records, a woman named Aiya Malifozik was named as manager of the bar, and a source i came into contact with who was once close to them both states that they were involved in a relationship and that he also had ties to a woman called Megan Kira who in turn had ties to the Yakuza.

He suddenly disappeared again after three years of running the pub and resurfaces again in Hathian, Louisiana a year later. Records are sketchy for the next couple of years, but then he’s named in a closed police case, as going by the alias, Matt Zero, with ties to a crime family called The Zero’s. No details are known of how he came into contact with them. A source I spoke to, told me that he was known to be a prolific drug-taker, a junkie addicted to heroin, around this time.
Arrest reports show that his criminal activity had risen to include violent assaults, both sexual and physical, rape, kidnapping, even murder. Not much is known about the motives for his crimes, but what is known, is that he had grown into a man to be feared.
Articles in this very newspaper were found, and arrest reports name him in at least four seperate known incidents, three against others, one a retaliation against Matt Zero, himself.

The first, which he was arrested and sent to jail for, was the mutilation and murder of an unamed woman, in an underground parking garage, who was subsequently nailed to the door of a house near the hospital. Details of the murder are too gruesome to print.

The second states that he was kidnapped, tortured and hung naked from the bridge in the centre of town for his crimes by a woman called Angel Moonshadow.

The third article names him as the kidnapper of an emt that saved his life. Again, details will be reserved but what i can tell you is that, from what i read in the article, it seems she was tortured and sexually abused for several days before being hung from a tree. Luckily the woman survived and still works in the medical profession.

The fourth article tells of another murder, this time of a police woman, Sarah Fox, who Matt Zero kidnapped. Again, details in the historic article and other reports dug up, state that she was tortured and sexually abused before her death. It seems Matt Zero, decapitated and dismembered the well-respected officer, and placed her body in a large box, on the bridge where he, himself, was hung previously.

EMT’s found the body, and her husband, also a police officer, learned of her death when he was called to the scene.
There are more arrest reports, after that, in different places, too many to count, charting his movement around the country, and his constant criminal life. A few years earlier his father, released from prison for the murder of his mother, was found murdered in his own home, stabbed to death. No one was ever arrested for the crime, nor was he ever sought for questioning.

He moved around a lot for the next ten years, but then he suddenly moved back to Hathian, without the crime family he’d spent over a decade with. Nothing is known about why he cut ties with them, but one thing is sure. He was no less deadly without them, and prior to his sudden disappearance a couple years ago, he seemed intent to carry on living as a violent criminal only to disappear again for almost a year.

Records are sketchy again here, but it seems he adopted the name Joe after he was bought into the hospital in Hathian, with no memory of who he was or what his life had been like before. Nicknamed John Doe by the nursing staff, a source told me, it seems when he was finally released from medical care he continued to live as Joe Mithras, from then until his death, with not one arrest report to be found in that time.

Did he choose to try and change his life? Did he ever find out who or what kind of man he used to be? Nothing is known of his mental state after his release, but clearly something was troubling him prior to his death. Maybe it was the weight of all he’d done before. Maybe it was the loss of what seemed to be his family, his friends, the life that he knew. No one can know what went through his mind in those last few hours, alone in his motel room. But one thing i do know. The world is a better place without Matt Zero.

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