Hathian Police Department Respond To Criticism

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Recently the Observer ran a story detailing a interview we did with local lawyer Jack Draconi in which Mr Draconi made some serious allegations against two unnamed officers from Hathian Police Department.  At the time, we were unable to get a response from someone at HPD, however recently we were able to speak to Lieutenant O’Neil in response to the allegations Mr Draconi had made.

The Lieutenant stated that while what Mr Draconi was in some part true he had neglected to mention the fact that he had in fact instigated the incident warranting the officer to need to take action to subdue him and that some were doubting whether Mr Draconi had truly turned over a new leaf and was truly a law abiding who had transitioned to becoming a lawyer or in fact that this was as they expected another case of a known criminal as they saw it pretending to be a lawyer to distance themselves from their previous actions and to ‘fool’ those who may believe he (Mr Draconi) had changed.

While this reporter could see the merits in some of the Lieutenants arguments, it is still up to you the reader to decide if you are willing to believe the Hathian Police Department given that in the past there have been instances of corrupt officers within the department, or Mr Draconi, given his past record has he truly turned over a new leaf and become a reformed man.

After completing this article I did go back to HPD to speak to them regarding another story that is being written and the officer I spoke to said they would like to speak to me about that first article.  The officer refused to give their name and while they mostly confirmed what Lieutenant O’Neil had said she seemed to be very bias in her opinions and I found her to be argumentative and belligerent and it resulted in me having a baton thrown at me and being chased out of HPD, which has left this reporter wondering if there is more to this story than HPD are admitting to and could Mr Draconi actually be telling the truth as  he claims?

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