Hathian Lawyer lifts lid on HPD Corruption

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On Tuesday, November 27th, the Hathian Observer received an invite from local Hathian lawyer Jack Draconi to visit his office for an interview with him.  This very much came out of nowhere and we were intrigued. On arrival at his office, Mr Draconi was only too happy to explain not just why he had requested to speak to the Observer, but the issue that he would like to raise, Police Corruption inside the Hathian Police Department. Below is the short interview Mr. Draconi gave us.  While it is my own personal opinion that Mr Draconi was telling the truth, what was discussed were his personal experiences when dealing with the Hathian Police Department, and it is up to you the reader to decide to make of these allegations what you will.  Below is our interview with Mr Draconi, The Hathian Observer did contact Hathian Police Department, but when our reporter went to the station, they were told to contact the HPD Press Department, a common delaying tactic and would appear that the department is unable or unwilling to comment on the allegations.

Hathian Observer: “So Mr Draconi, you have, it has to be said, in the the past you have taken part in some criminal activities. With that being said you sit here now as a Licensed Lawyer and want to firmly put the past in the past, how difficult has it been to make people believe you truly have turned over a new leaf?”

Jack Draconi: “Oh people are very accepting. I owe my new outlook on life to a near death experience that happened in this very city. Once I tell people what happened they are more inclined to believe me”

Hathian Observer: “But would it be fair to say that local law enforcement, in your opinion, are not allowing you to move forward in your career and are continuing to maybe treat you as working on the wrong side of the law still despite the fact you have obviously turned over a new leaf?”

Jack Draconi: “I am afraid that would be safe to say. See the near death experience came when I was shot by a cop. When I first came to see a client in the police department, that same cop was there. I tried to be professional but they pulled their taser on me and had me thrown out”.

Hathian Observer: “This is shocking as we close on the end of 2018 that this is still happening in Hathian, did you report this incident?”

Jack Draconi: “I tried to make a complaint, but they seemed not to care. They wrote it down but i never heard anything back”

Hathian Observer: “Well would you be willing to publicly name the officer involved in the incident or the officer you made the report to?”

Jack Draconi: “No I am afraid I cant. I am not here to point fingers, I only wish to help end the corruption in this city. To tell the people they don’t have to suffer under corruption, They can come to good people like me who will use the law to fight for them”

Hathian Observer: “That of course is a very noble attitude to take and a credit to you, but that doesn’t seem to be the entire issue with your switch from law breaker to lawyer, have there been issues with other members of the department since you became a certified lawyer?”

Jack Draconi: “No that event I told you was very recently.”

Hathian Observer: “Do you believe that the corruption in Hathian Police Department is still as widespread as it was two years ago?”

Jack Draconi: “Well I was not around here back then but I will tell you this. It was barely a week in as a lawyer here, when people started pouring in with complaints as to be harassed and mistreated by the police here. I even brought one lawsuit to the polices attention but the case was sadly dropped by my client. They most likely feared for their lives. Their story however is only one of many I have heard”

Hathian Observer: “Just off the record I’m going ot have to go to HPD give them the right to reply on this, that’s not an issue is it, I mean I have a feeling they will deny it, make threats, or as is most likely try to discredit me, again.”

Hathian Observer: “Given your experiences with the Hathian Police Department do you have any words for the people of Hathian who may be affected by this issue?”

Jack Draconi: nods “Id like to reassure the people that there are still just and honest people on the right side of the law, more honest then some of those clowns in the department. I encourage them to seek justice if any of them have become victim to this corruption. There are many fine public servants in this city who are willing to help.”

Hathian Observer: “And do you have any message going forward for the members of the Hathian Police Department that may be involved in any type of corruption”

Jack Draconi: “I would say, you cannot stop true justice and you should be ashamed for hurting the reputation of the few good cops in the department. The people of this city will show they have…..zero tolerance, for these corrupt acts”

Hathian Observer: “Mr Draconi thank you for your time”

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