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(the following is a video posted on the Observer website of a contestant interview for the upcoming Hathian Bachelor reality show)


David looked at Em once he was seated and gave a polite smile as his eyes went up and down her frame. he looked from the hair to the makeup to the choice in wardrobe and make a little high pitched, “Mhm.” sound through pursed lips. The cameras were rolling and everyone was in position. David would be given a thumbs up from the crew and he would look at the Camera. “Hello Hathian! So glad you could join us for Part three of our Meet The Girls of the Bachelor special. We are half way done in our little Five part series and today I have with us.. ” He looked towards Em and blinked a couple times. “Ed.” Well he was close. “Ed.. Eddie? Will be vying for the Bachelors attention along with the four other girls. “Thank you so much for being here with us tonight.. And dressing up.” His eyes looking at the dress then back up to her with a snarky looking smile.

Em lifts her hand and gives the camera a little wiggly-fingered wave to the audience.  She looks back at David with a sly grin on her lips.  “It’s Em.  Short for Requiem.”  She corrects and then looks down when he comments on her ‘dressing up’ for the event.  “Happy to be here, and I’m glad you like my dress.  I was going for something that I wasn’t going to die wearing in this heat.”  She chuckles lightly as she looks from him to the camera and back again.

David ​pursed his lips together and looked into the camera as he was corrected. “Oh, How silly of me. Of course. Em.. My apologies.” David ran his tongue across his teeth before clicking his lips together. he kept his eyes on the camera as he spoke, “/EM/ will be living in the bachelor mansion with the other woman, Which I will say is coming along quite nicely.” He turned to look at Em with a slight nod. “Yes, it is hot outside isn’t it.” he would mutter under his breath. “Thank you for taking the time to sit with us. I know it must be very busy being a shrink in this town, you know with all the crazies running around. Will you be able to take that much time away from your duties..doing that.” He would smile as he looked between the camera and Em.

​Em chuckles lightly at David’s apology and she makes a gesture, waving through the air to dismiss it away.  “Oh, don’t worry.  Requiem is a bit of a mouthful to say.  Most people just associate it with Requiem for a Dream, or haven’t heard of it at all.  Em is just an easier form.  I do look forward to seeing the lodgings.  It’ll be sort of like a little mini holiday.”  She’d smile lightly at the camera, flashing it a wink before answering David’s other inquiry.  “Actually, the term ‘shrink’ is fairly non-specific, covering most any type of mental health professional.  Myself, I’m a Psychiatrist.  As for my patients, I do keep rather busy with appointments, but everyone needs a break away from time to time.  I’ve recently hired on a Psychologist with my practice and while I’m away, she’ll be able to handle any emergency situations for my patients.  It’s all been taken care of.  Not to worry your pretty little head.”  She grins at him brightly.

​David gave a slight nod as she seemed to have an answer for everything. “Oh, of course there are different types of head doctors. How could I forget.” He chuckled softly as he adjusted himself in his chair and smiled at her with a cheesy Television personality smile. He really had that smile down pat now. “So tell us, What is a normal day look like for Em? Let the viewers get a glimpse of what you are all about.” he reached forward for the tray of iced coffee’s and grabbed one, lifting it up so he could take a long sip as he watched her then put it back. David seemed to be full of attitude today but he thought he was being pretty friendly. Ever so often he would look at her boots and wrinkle his nose a bit before looking back up at her.

​Em smiles brightly at David when he confirms the different types of ‘head doctors’ and she giggles lightly.  “Of course, each of us specialize in different things.”  Part of her wanted to make a snide remark about him needing one, but this was being recorded and so she kept her comment to herself.  Em had a hard time sitting there across from him, knowing that this guy had run down Aubraie and caused the poor boy his brain damage, as well as being the one that shot Grady.  She had to dig into her Canadian reservoir of nice for this.  “A day in the life of a Hathian psychiatrist?  Well, many people in this town are sort of late to rise, so my mornings are usually my own.  I get up early and head down to the gym to charge myself up for the day, then grab some breakfast, whether that be at the Diner or at the Grind.  My first appointments usually start rolling in about 10am.  Unlike many in my profession, my aims are to treat the problem rather than the symptoms, so if possible, I try to set up a treatment plan that does not involve medications, but each case is different.  Some people come to me just because they need to get things off their chest.  Others because they legitimately need help.  I’ve always been a rather empathetic person, so I will do whatever I can to see about getting my patients back to their normal.”  She’d reach for one of the drinks as well and takes a sip, her tongue slipping out to lick up any stray iced cappuccino.  The red of her tongue was a stark contrast to the black of her lipstick.  “I usually have a few appointments with a lunch break in there and then evenings and Tuesdays are to myself.  I don’t take appointments on Tuesdays because that’s Howler’s night.  I’m sure you well remember that I’m a habitual patron there.”  She flashes David another smile and a grin at the sly plug for the club.

David didn’t just need a therapist. He needed a team of health care professionals to help figure out what was wrong with him. Many different people have tried and failed to figure out what exactly went though his mind at any single moment. While David did run Aubraie over, he wasn’t the one that sent him to the funny farm. David wasn’t aware that Aub even had brain damage or that he was sent away. He just figured the kid didn’t like him so he stayed away, Which is what David did to Howlers, He figured they all hated him, So why go back? David totally shot Grady, and three other people in the span of a couple weeks. he was mellower now. That was until Em brought up Howlers. He was nodding along polity until he heard that word. His eyes widened as he stiffened in his seat, it looked like he just caught a whiff of something rotten as he eyed her. “Oh yes I remember. Good to hear they are still in business.” he eyed the camera next and gave a little roll of his eyes. “So Ed.. Do you have any kind of strategy going into this? How do you think your chances are? Afraid of any dirty little secrets coming out?” He raised a brow as he eased back into the chair. “The rumor mill can be such a powerful thing, Especially when it involves celebrities like myself, How are you preparing for the spotlight?” David reached for his drink again and gave a long sip, still looking at her with a mean girls like expression on his face.

​Em gave Howler’s another shameless plug as David seemed to go all stiff when she brought them up and tried to take a dig at the club still being in business, looking straight at the camera she’d say.  “Oh sure!  Still in business and going stronger than ever after the new renovations.  The place looks amazing.  Devil’s Pocket, every Tuesday night, without fail..  It’s a great time with some really great people.  The owner, Grady, is really the only one that can keep up with me on the dance floor.”  She laughs lightly and sighs, before turning back to David as he goes on to talk about the contest.  “It’s Em.  You know, being a psychiatrist, I can help you with your memory trouble.”  She winks playfully.  “As for strategies, well, I don’t look at this as a competition.  More of an exploration.  The human mind works in remarkable ways, so really, I can just get to know the bachelor and see if we connect in any way.  He’s a person, just like everyone else.  I know, if I were him, I wouldn’t want to be viewed as an object to be won.”  Em let out another chuckle at the mention of rumor sand spotlights.  She paused to take another sip from the straw, licking her lips once more.  “Oh, well, I don’t really have many secrets.  I’m a pretty open book, though I am familiar with the rumor mill, having had the brief time with the band BLuR.”  She looks to the camera again and flashes a bright smile.  “A great group of ladies signed under Brun Dug’s music label.  They rock like Joan Jett and will get you moving to the beat of their drum..  literally!”  Another plug.  When she’d signed up for the show, she was still in BLuR and had always intended to promote them.  Instead, she was doing it as a former member.  “Regrettably, I withdrew from the band when I opened up my own Psychiatric practice, Sound Mind.  I didn’t want to hold BLuR back from their success, and I didn’t want to short-change my patients because of my role in the band.”

​David was visibly perturbed now that the topic was on howlers and they were getting plugged. he was half tempted to go into the production room after the interview and insert censors in all of the spots where it was mentioned but that was awfully petty and took a lot of work. He was in fact that petty but he had too many things on the go at the moment to take up that much time. David just sat there, glaring at the woman now. “Listen Linda. My memory is fine. I don’t need a psychiatrist. I am fine.” Words that couldn’t be further from the truth. David listened and gave a nod. “Well. it is a little bit of a competition, What if he falls for more then one girl? I am sure the others have some sort of strategy as well. Some of the other girls are quite scrappy. Would be shame if something happened.” David cleared his throat a little as he looked her up and down again. “Have you met any of the girls yet? Do you have any kind of strategy thought of up dealing with them? As a failed musician you must be used to dealing with rejection and cattiness though.” David crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned back to wait for a response.

​Em laughs lightly as David calls her Linda.  She knew the meme.  She could also tell she was getting under his skin.  Em didn’t bother to remark upon his protests for the need of mental treatment.  This was on television after all.  The fact that he’d brought it up would already have it in the audience’s mind that maybe he did.  “Oh, honey, a failed musician is only someone who gives it up.  I still play music, only it wont be under a record label or for large audiences.  It wouldn’t have been fair to the other girls in BLuR if I’d stayed.  As for rejection and cattiness, well, those are just part of life, sweetpea.  Honestly, I’ve dealt with cattiness from women my whole life.  Usually when I’m perceived as a threat.  I don’t really let it get to me because I gain nothing from indulging it.  Rejection is also a part of life and it’s something that helps us all to grow and change.”  She smiles for the camera, looking back to David.  “If something were to happen and the bachelor fell for two women, then he’ll have a hell of a choice to make.  If love is involved, the heart will decide, but I have enough self-respect that I wont beg for anyone’s affections.  If the bachelor chooses me, it’ll be because love happened, not because I did anything to snuff out
girl’s chances.”

David smooshed his lips together as he looked at her. She definitely was getting under his skin and he was on television and he knew the producers would do whatever to get ratings, and with his meltdown on the last episode he knew he had to behave himself. “Well that’s lovely. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders there. I am glad the management was able to pick such a high level of participants… I think they will mix nicely with you.” David looked at the camera with a warm smile before glaring back at Em. “Do you have anything else you would like to add to the people at home? Any questions for myself?” David wrinkled his nose a little as he switched between looking at the camera and Em.

Em chuckles lightly again, watching the subtleties in David’s features.  Her own face was painted in a bright, happy smile for him and the camera.  “Oh, well thank you so much for saying so, David.  I’m very excited to see who this turns out.  I do so hope that I can make friends with some of the girls, despite vying for the affection of the same man.  That rarely works out well for friendships, but we’ll see, I suppose.”  When David asked her if she had any questions for him, she’d tap a finger to her lip lightly in thought.  “Well, I do want to say that I appreciate you taking the time to have this little chit chat with me.  Honestly, I never really had the chance to talk with you when you were dancing at Howler’s.  It’s nice to get a chance to learn who you are.  Maybe you could slip me a bit of information about Mr. Weaver’s interests.”  She winks to David then turns to the camera with a broad smile and throws up the rock and roll devil horns gesture.  “Needless to say, I think this is going to rock!”

​David made a mock smile towards Em. The horrible fake kind that she could probably tell was fake. “Yes. So good getting to know you better as well.” He took a deep breath as he shifted in his chair a little to face her. “Oh no problem, I will get you a little cheat sheet.” he offered a little wink, Of course that cheat sheet would be full of all of the wrong information, But Em wasn’t the only one he would do that to. he turned to give the camera a warm smile. “Well there you have it! Will Em be the one to capture the Colonels heart? You are going to have to tune in and see. Make sure you check out our upcoming interviews as well. We will also be introducing the colonel as well. I am David Pink, And thank you for watching.” He watched as the crew seemed to scatter. He looked back at Em and snarled. “Cheap.” he muttered towards her. “I should have had you thrown out for bring up… them.” he hissed. David was none to pleased at the moment and it definitely showed.

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