Donut Surrender : Motorcycle Gang’s Convoys Debacle

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Avid readers will recall an article we published a few days ago regarding rumors surrounding the local Motorcycle Gang, Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Club (OSMC). The source from this article revealed that the MC would be moving money and guns through different convoys on the 26th of May.

On said date, The Observer sent out a few of its best reporters on a merry chase around the city with a mission: seek out the sound of mayhem and find its source. After a few hours of search, this very reporter finally found a tangible clue that there might be more to the rumors. Set in District 8, a few streets from the park, the Hathian Police Department had deployed barricades, forcing ID checks on all passing vehicles.

Settling in for a stake out, we were present when things finally picked up around 2pm. A donuts delivery truck (pictured below) approached the barricade with another truck on its tail. Rolling to a stop, the officers approached it for an ID check. It appeared the cops recognized the driver of the first truck and they exchanged a few words before things went south.

Boxed in on each end, the trucks veered to the pavement, cops starting to fire at it. The shots did not do enough to the vehicles to halt their dash for freedom, forcing more drastic measures and quick thinking from law enforcement.

Officers that were in the police cruisers gave chase, and tried to run the trucks off of their course into a halt. The first truck being hit wound up swerving into a local food stall, demolishing it as it plowed on through.

The second truck soon followed its fate, the cruisers crashing into both of them and creating an impressive pile up. Shots were flying, gasoline smeared all over the concrete, debris from the stand sent flying. It was utter mayhem, and the donuts truck appeared ready to make use of it to escape, sending one officer flying, before it drove straight into a mail box.

Tipping over, the car trapped the officer mentioned above (and pictured at the beginning of the article) under its donuts sign as it finally stopped its mad dash. It appeared the cops, albeit shaken and wounded, were finally about to arrest the two drivers and seize the content of the convoy when a third criminal stepped in. A woman and apparent accomplice shot at the cops, offering one of the drivers an opportunity to escape.

At the time of this writing, the woman and the driver of the donuts trucks both managed to escape. The second driver was taken into custody. The four officers are all alive but their medical conditions, especially the one that was ran over, are unknown. The Observer extends their thanks to the Hathian Police Department for their bravery and hopes for their officers’ speedy recovery.

Do you have information regarding other convoys that were supposed to be around the city on the 26th? Tips regarding the shooter and driver that escaped? Information on the OSMC and whatever next they might be planning? Come on over to The Observer and ask for Hyemi ((Avatar name: Esmeralda Siamendes)).

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