Local Lawyer Woodbury Missing

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Police and loved ones have launched an urgent appeal to find Orlando Woodbury, owner and named partner within the Woodbury and Walker law firm here in Hathian.

Last seen Sunday 15th April taking a car to the airport, he was due to catch a flight to London for his upcoming socialite wedding to Fleur Deboise; the daughter of hotelier Francois Duboise. The wedding was due to combine two powerful families, and plans had been kept muted. Fleur had also been linked with another mystery man, not long before these wedding plans came to light, but both families were quick to dismiss these claims as slander, and insist the two were childhood friends who had recently rekindled their great affections and decided not to waste any more time.

Records show that Mr.Woodbury failed to make his intended flight, his cell phone was switched off and discovered later at the side of a road, and the car was found abandoned. All of the bank accounts belonging to the lawyer have remained untouched, leading police to suspect foul play.

Anyone with any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Mr Woodbury should contact police immediately. Until such a time that Mr.Woodbury is found.

A few statements have been released, from those closest to the lawyer. His father, CEO of the Woodbury and Walker firms Artemis Fitzgerald Woodbury, spoke from the London-based headquarters and had this to say: “I am highly disturbed by the disappearance of my son, given its sudden nature. It is not within his character to merely drop from communication, nor to miss the flight to his upcoming wedding. Up until yesterday, we had been in constant contact. If anyone has any information, please come forth. I shall be willing to compensate any information which will lead to his safe recovery.”

On the subject of foul play, the police have not ruled out abduction but it is clear no ransom request has yet been made. The circumstances of his disappearance certainly seem bizarre- his father went on to say: “He is my only son- and all I have left since the passing of his mother some years ago. Not only will this shatter my family, but Fleur and he were soulmates.”

Woodbury’s mother; Well-known Opera singer Camila Lisette Woodbury (formerly Taylor) passed when Mr Woodbury was eleven years old to cancer, and sources say the relationship between father and son was a close one. Despite the social standing of the family back in London, Mr Woodbury himself has been very reserved and private in recent years- a change from his former rebellious playboy lifestyle of his early 20’s in the English capital. He grew to be a well-respected lawyer under his fathers careful tutelage, before moving to Hathian, Louisiana to strike out alone and open and operate a branch of the firm

Regardless of his fortunes and well-known bachelor status and despite rumoured links to a number of women in the past; Woodbury had never settled down, and as such there was raised eyebrows when the announcement was made in the Times newspaper last month that the couple was to be wed. Shortly afterwards, photographs emerged of the two looking content and happy in each other’s company on a recent business trip, and a statement was released confirming that the couple had been secretly dating for some time, putting rumours to rest. The intended bride, who seemed to already be grieving, had this to say: ” I implore you to return Orlando, or those who have him to make a connection. I assure you that we will pay whatever the demands may be. I was to be married tomorrow… and the flowers are non-refundable.”

As you can see, she is a very concerned fiancé.

Senior Partner at W&W – Kyna MacMannus – shall be taking the lead at the law offices, and continuing with the cases that the firm currently have, and we have been assured it will be business as usual. She had this to say:

“In light of this recent tragedy, Woodbury and Walker is going to be sure to spare no expense in funding a team to locate Mr Woodbury in any condition. He is a valuable asset to the business and the community, and many would be lost without him. However, in the meantime, the doors of the firm will remain open for business and offering legal aide to the citizens of Hathian. If there is one thing that Orlando Woodbury would not want is for the business and legacy he has built to fold or anyone of his clients to suffer. In the mean time, I will be acting in his stead until such time as he comes back to us.”

If you have ANY information at all, please contact the Hathian Police Department.

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