Review: “Up Next” – Cash ‘The Don’ Ramirez (2017)

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Track List:
That Night
02: Anti You
03: My Dealer
04: F*** Feelings
05: In The Middle
06: End It All Today
07: Crashing Down
08: Up Next
09: The End

Cash ‘The Don’ Ramirez’s second album continues where the first left off; hard beats, hard bass lines, and searing guitar riffs over the hardest of hard vocals spat out with such a venom you wonder who it was that has him so pissed off, but that is not to say this is just the same as Ramirez’s last outing, far from it.  At the time, the ‘Grumpy Cash’ EP gave an insight into how he was progressing not just as a musician, but as a lyricist too, writing all his own songs and recording them at Cash’s ‘Studio 1313’ home studio.

From the opening track ‘That Night’ the album displays the writing, musicianship, and structure of a seasoned veteran of the music scene, which makes it all the more unbelievable that this has been released independently of a major label and ‘The Don’ still as of the time of writing remains unsigned. Though, like swamp alligators around a fresh corpse in the bayou, it would seem that it is only a matter of time before he is snapped up with rumour that representatives from Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment have been seen in Hathian only seem to point to this talented artist being signed soon.

Cash ‘The Don’ Ramirez will be spoken alongside the likes of After The Fall when you talk about artists that have come out of the diverse musical melting pot we have in Hathian and while “Up Next” may indeed be what is up next in the career of ‘The Don’, it leaves you in anticipation of his next release.

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