Chemical Attack Hits Hathian

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taken by Valmont Marseille

All was like any average day in Hathian on the 15th of September. Citizens were picking up coffee, slaving away at work, and sorting out seedy deals in even seedier back alleys. This ordinary scene, however, was completely transformed by 3:30 pm as a chemical gas caused chaos and confusion through the streets.

taken by Valmont Marseille

The chemical mixture was dispersed throughout the city by criminals donning gas masks. Starting from the outskirts of town, they worked their way towards the center, successfully trapping anyone with means to leave.  Multiple small explosions of gas were thrown out into public areas with no warning, allowing civilians little time to fight or escape. Some of the criminals were armed with canisters, spraying people directly in the face as opposed to public gassing.

Soon enough, all of Hathian was overtaken with the foul off-white fog.

taken by Valmont Marseille

In attempts to gather more information and insight into the effects of the attack, reporter Luna-Rose Valentina ventured out into the streets armed with a gas mask of her own, to witness first hand the chaos taking place. Drugged out civilians were staggering to and fro, unsuccessfully trying to regain control of their disoriented minds. Before long, people were beginning to get violent. Whether attempting to fight off the offenders or fighting each other, the violence sparking on the streets was inevitable. Screams driven by hallucinations could be heard echoing off the walls of vandalized buildings. Many of the local businesses were damaged and ruined, undoubtedly calling for days of closure once the chaos subsided. It wasn’t long before fuel was added to the fire, quite literally, as a series of fire bombs exploded around the city, the first of them being a truck parked beside the Grind.

The scene was one out of nightmares.

Although much information is still unknown, the criminal gang responsible for these heinous attacks are the Revenants, accompanied by an unknown number of cohorts who have yet to be identified. Talking to a source directly related to the attacks, it was clear that this was a pre-orchestrated event. When asked about the intentions behind all of the chaos, it was labeled as an eye opener for the public. The source was clear to state that control of life, even if it was your own, wasn’t a right, but something to be earned and protected.

All the attacks were meant to send a message that Hathian had heard, loud and clear.

How long the fog will linger and prolonged effects of inhaling it have yet to be discovered. No other information is available at the time of publishing.

The only thing the people of Hathian can do as of now is plead and pray that they live long enough to see the end of this mayhem.


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