Fogs End: First Suspects Apprehended, Others Still at Large

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taken by Valmont Marseille

A dragging end has come of pandemonium. The fog over Hathian has lifted, leaving more than just a little trace of disarray in its wake. Local businesses such as Woodbury & Walker, The Slab Butchery, and even Bourbon’s own Titty Twister lay in ruin. Their insides scorched, but their foundation ever solid.

As of the evening of September the 18th, the toxic clouds that seemed to drunken the citizens of Hathian began to dissipate. And this time there were no more bombs to replace what was lost. We spoke with Detective Corporal Salvador Rejos, lead investigator in the ongoing case.

“We have apprehended four perpetrators of this catastrophic act of terrorism, one of whom we know was key in planning this weekend’s events.” Rajos began. “We are currently searching for another three individuals. The HPD has been working closely with the District Attorney on these cases and the perpetrators of this will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Those in custody include known Revenant leader Astrid “Agony” Ayria, as well as cohorts Dove Smith, Max deVille, and ‘Raph’. Rajos would continue to say: “The three individuals we are still seeking are finding shelter and support somewhere, and I warn those that are involved in their safekeeping that we will find you and we will apprehend you by any means necessary. The HPD has no tolerance for those who enable this behaviour and these acts of violence.”

Further damages to the city include the loss of a beloved fixture of the FDH: Taz the Firetruck. As well, other businesses find themselves facing periods of closure due to robbery and vandalism on the part of those affected by exposure. The current count of those afflicted is still at this time unknown, but rising.

Nurse Angie had this to say: “I tell you what, we haven’t seen insanity like this since.. Lord bless, since the municipal party a buncha years back. Somebody threw a bomb at the party house and a whole buncha people got hurt, but anyway. We were back to back all weekend. And understaffed, cause folks were either gettin’ hurt themselves or not willin’ to brave the fog. But can ya blame em, honey? And the RESTRAINTS, sweet baby Jesus. We ran out of ways to keep people in the beds and had to start makin’ ’em outta sheets. I ever see the people who done this and I’m gonna…”

Bourbon Street currently remains stained by the mark of the Revenants. There is sadly still no word on the reasoning behind the terrorism, or the hallmarks left behind.

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