Grave Robbers! Bodies Stolen from the Hathian Graveyard

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During a late night stroll on September 12th, 2017, a group of shadowy figures were spotted from a distance in the local Hathian cemetery, an area notorious for the various cult and religious activities that have taken place within it throughout the years. Upon closer investigation, the suspects appeared to have dug up several sections of the old cemetery, looting various coffins in search of something, or rather, someone. Among areas of the graveyard looted were the pauper’s section, full of unmarked graves of the poor, as well as a few marked resting places, including several members of the notorious Crows who had once terrorized the streets of Hathian.

Multiple bodies had been removed, some still in their coffins, and stacked on top of one another in a rather large van, which was used to drag the Crow coffins out of the ground via several large sets of chains tied to the back. Among the Crow graves robbed were Tinker Crow, Dolly Crow, Skylar Crow, and Cash Crow. Of the non-Crow graves robbed, two other bodies were removed from the cemetery, one of which was the mother of the notorious Malice Crow and the other, the body of a woman by the name of Veronica Kato, whose remains were taken from one of the pauper’s coffins. Among the pauper’s graves, several others were smashed open, bodies carelessly turned and discarded where they were. Based on the serial number left on the lid of the wooden coffin, the body removed had been Kato’s, a woman in her mid-twenties at her time of death. Her mangled remains were discovered discarded near the old Sumfai gang turf in early June 2015.

Thus far, it is unknown how Kato is linked to the Crow family, if at all, though her body appeared to have been a very specific target, several stacked coffins having been rifled through and discarded prior to her body being discovered and removed. Beyond that, none of the other pauper’s graves had been touched. According to official reports, Kato’s official cause of death occurred during a live-autopsy, in which her organs were removed from her body after a lengthy torture. Post-mortem, sections of her skin were also removed, as well as bits of her genitalia, which had been mutilated severely pre-mortem. What is more disturbing about this case though is that her body wasn’t discovered for roughly five months following her death, and according to medical examiner reports, her body had been subjected to extreme necrophilia during this time. Her killer, Kiryu Hideyoshi, was brought to justice by police not long after the body was discovered, but had later been released from HPD custody due to unknown reasons.

Damage to the graveyard was extensive, though it appears that aside from the remains removed, nothing else was stolen during this robbery. At least, no objects of value. But it begs a lot of questions that are likely to remain unanswered. What could these two culprits possibly have to gain by exhuming these bodies from their final resting places? Is this the work of a new and upcoming cult in the city, or the work of deranged lunatics out hunting for bodies? Were the targets significant or taken at random? Will the bodies ever be returned? And most importantly, who could possibly be wanting to dig up the old Crows?

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