Bleu Wag Bistro damaged in assault.

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A 911 call was put out today from the owner of the Blue Wag Bistro. Police and other emergency services arrived on the scene to find the place heavily vandalized with broken furniture, broken glass, and doorways. A chef who was the lone person on duty apparently at the time of the attack was assaulted and left in very bad shape as he had to be taken by ambulance to Hathian General Hospital. Officers on site stated that they do have suspects in the investigation, but naturally can not name who at this time.

The owner of the Bistro, Alexandra Markus, was questioned by the first officer on site about the events that transpired.  “I…I don’t know. Everythin’ was fine when I left here last night around six, and I went to the pizza place to get some food and went home to my kids. I normally come in earlier, like in the mornin’, but I needed to take the kids to the pediatrician, just for a check up, took them out for lunch and dropped them at home with the sitter and came here. When I uh…when I got here, I saw this…ev-everythin’s broken…at least out here…and what I saw inside. I don’t know what happened…I uh…I’ve got cameras. But I didn’t wanna go inside and mess up the crime scene.”

The Observer will provide more updates to the situation as they become available to us, and the police have conducted their investigation into the crime.

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