Dawson targeted by Adachi

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On 20th of April, Voltiel Adachi showed up at the Comiquities comic book store and shot at its manager Carter Dawson. Ms. Dawson was injured and had to be ushered to Hathian General Hospital (HGH) immediately. Ms. Sunny was by her side when this happened and helped get Ms. Dawson into the ambulance.

Our reporter witnessed this ambulance as it raced to the hospital, interrogated a couple of people that lead him to Ms. Dawson at the hospital. After an interview with her and Ms. Adachi, it has become clear that the reason for the shooting was a little something that Ms. Canyon Dawson (sister of Ms Carter) said to Ms. Adachi… some to mean that Ms. Adachi should kill herself. Her rules are clear, one for all, all for one. Ms Adachi clearly mentioned that “if one Dawson hits me, anyone of us Adachis can hit any Dawson.” The brewing of a family feud.

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