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Do you like to indulge into Hathian’s entertainment scene, nightlife, all things social? Perhaps you’re a blossoming fashion bug with an eye on the streets, or a social justice butterfly with opinions that the city needs to hear?

Alt.Hathian is an up-and-coming project out of Rader Records designed to promote, report, and entertain in all the things that give our city life, and it needs your help!

Paid positions are opening up for feature & column writers covering a wide range of topics, photographers, and even models for interesting, provocative photoshoots. If you have an interest, are dependable, and feel this could be a good fit for you, contact Perina McGinnis by phone (XXX-XXXX), email ([email protected]), or stopping by Rader Records on King Street!


((This idea was put forth in my original proposal for Rader after CD’s previous magazine H’Zine was shut down hoping to fill the void it’d left behind, and now I think the time is right to get it going! I’m still debating on the frequency of biweekly vs monthly, but think of it like those alternative weekly magazines you see around cities in America. If you have interest, there’s many options we have, different avenues you can take, so give me a shout inworld Perina McGinnis, on twitter @yoperina, or even email [email protected]!))

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