Infamous Club Owner Arrested Over Gang Affiliations

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The club owner was arrested by officers recently and an official Hathian Police Department source leaked that the Blue Handrick Noel has been known to be in business with the gang known as the Rejects for a long while, and was recently arrested at her own residence when officers paid her a call over blood in her driveway and she refused to answer questions.

The officers, the source reveals, were able to enter the house where after Handrick Noel attacked them. They found up to half a kilo of cocaine in the residence among other things, such as a Reject garter, as shown being worn by Handrick Noel herself in the picture above. Two more kilos worth of cocaine was found in a location behind the woman’s home.

The HPD source who wishes to remain anonymous also revealed that there are certain members of the force who are willing to come down hard on gangs-as well as their associates. The source revealed that they believe that the police departmetn will be drawing a tough line on associates as much as actual gang members in the upcoming future.

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