Ryo Hwang Steps In After Sister is Denied Candidacy

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The unexpected announcement of Mayor Karn Nevelle and Councilwoman Inara Shen stepping down from their positions has caused a bit of a political uproar in Hathian this past week.

As most people of Hathian have come to realize, this city is in the need of some desperate changes. Within the last year violent crimes, theft, rape, and gang activity is at an all time high. We need a mayor who is capable of not only making promises for a better life in this city, but someone who will follow through with the promises made.

Tailia Yheng reported to the Observer and on Twitter, her plans to run for mayor shortly after the open seats were announced. Though she had some solid ideas on how to improve Hathian, she was later denied entry into the running due to her past criminal offenses, and issues with the Hathian Police Department.

Tailia had made some promising statements regarding what she planned to do to improve the city, one of her main focuses being the youth of Hathian and homelessness.”My first order of business would be to focus attention upon Seaside and recreate it as a place where the children of Hathian can visit and play and learn in a safe environment” she recently stated. She also said that if elected she had planned to work with the HPD to put an end to police brutality, and corruption within the force.

Although Tailia is unable to run, Hathians were shocked to see her brothers name Ryo Hwang on the list of candidates that was released this morning. Ryo had talked about running earlier on in the week, but later claimed that he was “dropping out” of the elections. In light of the news of Tailia not being able to run, it seems he has had a change of heart.

How do the people of Hathian feel about this you ask? Recently there’s been a lot of talk around Hathian and on Twitter surrounding the election, and as it turns out, there are some concerns. Not only are some citizens worried about Ryo being unable to follow through with any real change for the city, but there have been more than a few comments regarding the “unconventional” relationship he has with his sister. Most comments have been based more so around his personal life than anything else.

We can only hope that when the time comes to vote people are more focused on what the candidates have laid out on the table, and what sort of changes they plan to make, rather than worrying about their personal business and gossip. What does Ryo Hwang plan to do in order to improve this city? Only time will tell.

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