HPD Officer Murdered, Video Surfaces On Twitter

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On the 16th February, the body of Hathian Police Department Sarah Kennedy (Fox) was found horrifically brutalized and dismembered on the overpass bridge at around noon. The body parts had been left inside a gift box which two EMTs had unfortunately discovered to their shock and disbelief.

Details of the murder are unknown at this point and the HPD have not disclosed any leads when questioned, but before the murder of Sarah there were various videos and pictures shown on the social media site Twitter, the unknown suspect used the account under the name of Insanity @HandOfInsanity.

The account posted several photos, as well as very graphic footage of her torture and rape before she was ultimately killed.

It is with deepest regret that the HPD announce the death in-service of Sarah Kennedy. Sarah was dedicated to protect the people of Hathian and served the citizens as fairly as possible. Her dedication to the job was remarkable and though she has parted ways her legacy will not be forgotten and she will be deeply missed by her colleagues and peers. Her death by the hand of criminals is another reminder of the dangers faced by the Officers of Hathian.

Not only was Sarah a committed Officer, but also a loving wife to Leon Scott Kennedy, and a mother to daughter Lillith who are now left to pick up the pieces after this tragic event. As expected Sarah’s husband was in a complete state of shock and reeling in the aftermath of the event, especially as he was at the overpass when the discovery of the remains of his beloved wife were found. Off duty Sarah also had many close friends that are now having to deal with the terrible news of this tragedy.

A few kind words and memories from family, friends and work colleagues:

Leon Scott Kennedy: There are a lot of memories that are in my head playing over and over.. To start with.. Our wedding.. This was the most happiest day of our lives… The day when we become officially husband and wife.. Or our first meeting… I was new at the police department… And Sarah was the first person I seen once I came in. She told me off for a lot of things. And well.. From there I knew that it’s something special.. And it was true. That was beginning of our relationship.

Emily Cooper: Sarah and I met about two years ago. Not too surprisingly we met through the job, she always got in trouble, and I happened to be on shift to patch her up every time. Eventually we started talking and realized that we clicked, and we became the best of friends. She was the sister I never had, we talked about everything, and we even lived together as roommates for a while, up until she met Leon and got married. Sarah was a complex person, and not without faults, after all who is? I know a lot of people called her a bitch, and she had a lot of enemies, but I’ll say this.. if we had half a dozen more cops like her, the gangs in town would scatter to the hills.

Outside of the job, Sarah was the most caring and protective friend you could ask for. She acted like a hardass, but on the inside she had the biggest heart ever. She was always there for me, and I’d like to think I was there for her as well. Whenever I had a problem, no matter how small or trivial, she was always there to let me vent. And the bantering we had.. we could bitch at each other like an old angry couple, only to hug and laugh a moment later, it was just the way we rolled.. again, like sisters. God I loved that woman, the world is already a little darker without her around, I’m going to miss her so much.. every day, until I see her on the other side. Sarah leaves behind a loving husband, and a daughter, Lillith. The little girl will never know her mother.

Mina Ashby: We have not met on the best of terms. I was mean to you. I am sorry for that.. But one day I visited with Emily at the HGH, where you were recovering from injuries.. That day, you gave birth to Lilith, your daughter.. I will never forget .. Emily pulled the baby out of you.. I helped her and cut the chord.. I was there when you gave life.. And I was there when you were no more.. I cannot believe what they have done to you.. I just pray you have peace now, wherever you are.

Statement from HPD Officer: I never knew Sarah personally, but I knew her by her reputation of fair and righteous leader, and her dedication to serve and protect the city of Hathian and it’s citizens. Sarah may be gone, but she will not be forgotten, as her memory lives in every HPD officer out there.

Anyone with information regarding this homicide is urged to contact Hathian Police Department. Citizens can be assured that Sarah Kennedy’s death will not go unpunished. But this is yet another reminder of the evil that is lurking out there in Hathian.


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