Press Release: Pie Hole Explosion

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At around 07:00 hours on 21st September 2015 suspected criminal activity and a possible hostage situation was observed inside the Pie Hole due to the vigilance of Officer Jonathon Carbenell who was on routine patrol.

Officers immediately responded to the scene, but without warning and with complete disregard for public safety, terrorists from the group known as ‘The Devouring’ triggered an explosive device that was concealed inside a human cadaver (later identified through DNA as Katie Wales, one of the corpses dug up from the graveyard several weeks ago).

The explosion caused a fire, trapping a female and a minor within the building. The terrorists then attempted to flee the scene but were confronted by HPD Officers to the rear of the building, while rescuers battled to save a female and minor from the burning building.

The terrorist action caused multiple civilian and Officer casualties, but despite this the HPD made four arrests with one other fugitive being captured later. The HPD are still seeking one further suspect for this crime, believed to be a tall white male with dark hair and known to wear fetish leathers who goes by the name of Max. Anyone with information is warned not to approach this dangerous suspect but to call 911 immediately.

I wish to highly commend the following HPD Officers: MCU Detectives Hallison and Calaway.  Patrol Officers Bam Kone, Jonathon Carbenell & Sergeant Ram Kone. I would also like to highly commend the actions of FDH Firefighters Captain Emily Cooper, Kate Stark, Ren Vond-Himika & Asima Saad.

The brave and selfless actions of the above Officers and firefighters in the face of a determined terrorist attack by the Devouring resulted in the saving of at least two civilian lives, including one minor.

These Officers are a shining example to us all.

Det. Lt. A. Moonshadow
MCU & Media Liaison

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