Woman Stabbed in her Home

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On the 23th of August, emergency services got a call from a young man saying that his mom had been injured and was bleeding heavily.

The emergency services dispatched police officers and an ambulance to a converted warehouse in Rougarou, where they found a woman lying in a puddle of her own blood which was trailed across the floor from the side door.

It was described as being from a horror movie. The paramedic’s worked as fast they could to try and get her in a stable condition. The young man who called 911 was named as Ethan Johnson, her son.

The woman has been named as Charlotte Johnson. She is a local woman who was a lawyer at the civil services before leaving to start a family. When her son was asked who he thought could have done this he confirmed that she had made some enemies but was unsure who could go to that point of trying to murder a woman.

She is in serious condition in Hathian General Hospital. At this time no suspects have been known but investigators will soon find out.

The property had security cameras around the main entrances and hopefully it will lead to the suspect of this crime.

The woman’s fiancĂ©e has yet to been told of the news and her recently born twins are being cared for by a close friend and nanny to the family. The house has been cornered off until investigators have checked the property over.

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