Cop Defuses Knife Argument Over Bike

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It was a morning like any other for the Southern Outlaw MC biker, “Curly”, who was standing by himself with his wife nearby, enjoying the cool shade.

A stranger came over to Curly and touched one of the his friend’s bikes. The man claimed he knew the owner of the bike like a brother and wanted to know where the man was, but Curly didn’t recognize the man at all. When the man asked where his ‘brother’ was, Curly had no information for him since he was only a prospect, and the man started yelling at him and kicking him. When the Curly’s ‘brother’ pulled up in a truck and saw the man kick him, his friend got upset and knives were pulled out.

Meanwhile, a female officer stood by and watched the incident unfold. She tried to step in when knives were brought out, but it was too late. The biker who’d drove into the scene knifed the officer, but was arrested and taken down to the Hathian Police Department.

The officer made a valiant effort to relinquish the situation, and even though injuries were given on both sides of the coin, the female officer was able to somehow arrest the man who knifed her without backup.

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