Fire Destroys Fraternity/Sorority House at Columtreal University

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A raging inferno tore through a fraternity/sorority house on the Columtreal University Campus on Saturday morning, leaving the structure demolished and one firefighter injured.

Just around 11:30 a.m. on the steamy, but cooling Saturday morning, members of the Fire Department of Hathian (FDH) responded to reports of smoke and visible flames at the house of , nestled in the outskirts of Black Bottom.

Firefighters fought against the intense heat and billowing smoke for hours.  At one point, Lieutenant Philip Aubin of the FDH made entry and managed to extinguish the entire bottom floor of the crumbling structure, only to get trapped by an engulfed stairwell.

After an intense fight through the entryway, firefighters managed to tamper the fire from the interior, allowing Lt. Aubin a safe passageway. After finally extinguishing the blaze, the building soon collapsed upon itself, with all of the FDH team making it away from the falling wreckage except one, Lt. Aubin.

Firefighters dug relentlessly through the pile as various groups of civilians gathered outside of the sorority/frat house, which inevitably broke down into a massive brawl and shoot out.  It is unclear at time whether the incidents are related to the fire at the home of sorority Sigma Xi Delta and fraternity Tau Kappa Tau.

Meanwhile, Lt. Aubin remains in stable condition at HGH after first responders dragged and sawed him from the rubble. By press time Monday morning, details of the cause of the fire remain unknown.

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