Young Millet Murdered

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Kriston Millet, 18, was shot on Sunday evening in front of the Hathian General Hospital after the culprit confused her with someone else during a psychotic episode. Despite the close proximity to medical help, she tragically lost her life.

The news began to break the day after the incident, when Kirvi Caspian, the victim’s biological mother, posted a tweet that stated, “So I’m alive, @Rigormorted we should talk, I hope you have a good explanation on why you killed my daughter while thinking she was me.”

The woman named in Caspian’s tweet, Voltiel Rassir, openly admitted to killing who she thought was Caspian herself. Her victim, however, was young Kriston Millet.

After a lengthy and emotional conversation on Twitter, it was eventually revealed that Rassir shot Millet because she believed her to be Caspian, and because Caspian was with the late Colton Vond. Rassir later said that she believed Millet to be 3 years old, while in reality, she was 18. Because of this, one can assume that Rassir was in some state of psychosis.

The victim’s father, Ellis Millet, who was present at the time of the attack, said “Jack Hartigan ((Caleb Harcassle)) is investigating the case, so if you have any information, contact him at 555-8220.”

A funeral for the young woman is scheduled for Saturday June 20th 1 PM SLT at the Municipal Cemetery located in Vodou.

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