Biker Bar Raided by HPD

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On May 20th, Gears ‘N Beers, an up-and-coming biker bar in Hathian, was raided by the HPD. Several officers were involved in the take down of most of a biker gang that had been causing problems with them in the recent past.

It all started when a motorcycle was parked illegally in front of Lou’s one day. When Detective Jaebus Clave was giving him a citation, the gang surrounded him and started causing problems. A few days later, the detective had an altercation with the bikers again and another bike was left behind while the gang member fled the scene on foot. The plates to both motorcycles were traced back to members of the biker gang, Southern Outlaws, known for their hatred of police officers.

The owner of the first motorcycle was, ironically, the one who gave up the location of the gang. Evidently, he was in a strange state of mind a day after the arrest. Also ironically, the second bike owner bailed out the first one with counterfeit money.

When the officers went in, they fought with the gang members and took them into custody. “We had to show them not to mess with our men and women, our city and our justice!” Detective Ronin Kanaye exclaimed.

-Reporter Amy Hudson

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