Sniper Attacks Projects and Political Party

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The Hathian Sniper struck twice more this week, firing on people at the condemned projects and at a political party. The attacks by the sniper, who has become known around town as the Crack Den Crackshot due to his or her tendency to miss hitting civilians, occurred on Tuesday, March 17 and on Friday, March 20.

At the Friday attack, the Crackshot fired on a crowd that had gathered at the Vudu Spice Store in support of the Hope for Hathian campaign, a political ticket including council candidates Doctor Paige Davenport and Jayda Ferrentino, and mayoral candidate Rabid Calhern.

No injuries were reported, and Hathian Police Department officers quickly responded to the scene. Council candidate Davenport managed to capture a close-range picture of the Crackshot, above. Based on this image, the Crackshot is now believed to be female.

The HPD also released a statement earlier this week, concerning the shooting at the Hathian housing projects, which reads:

The Hathian Sniper yesterday struck again (03/17/15 5:14pm), targeting a group of people near the Hathian Projects. Dominic Annaloro sustained two major gun shot wounds and Officer Gutter, Roslyn suffered several broken ribs when a ricocheted bullet struck her bullet proof vest. It would appear this sniper is increasing in both confidence and accuracy as these incidents pass, as such HPD wishes to reiterate the following:

All citizens are urged to take the threat from this gunman seriously, several incidents have already passed, with to date, four persons, including two HPD officers sustaining injuries. It is only a matter of time before there is a fatality. Follow ALL and any necessary precautions as previously stated and DO NOT APPROACH this sniper, if spotted, dial 911 and HPD will mobilize the necessary armed response. We have already had two officers injured in the line of duty dealing with this sniper but in all cases it is the arrival of HPD officers that have forced the Sniper to stop his or her attacks.

Further to yesterdays attacks, Sergeant Morrisey of the Major Crimes Unit received an open letter that is believed to have been delivered by the Hathian Sniper, the importance of its content is such that it is reproduced here:

To all of Hathian.

These eyes have witnessed the world you all inhabit, each and everyone of you is guilty. Guilty of your own destitution and desolation, you have, to a man, managed to isolate yourselves, trapped in your own little world, no one will come to your aid, no one will care to come help you to avoid judgement. You complain and disown your own police force, I have seen what they do, it is not right, it’s in offence to that which is good and true BUT you, the people, brought this upon yourselves!

You criminals, this is on your shoulders, you gang members, murderers, drug dealers, drug dependants, you that has no respect for the law, you push and you push, digging away from the goodness. You are the ones with the bare faced nerve to push against the police when they do their duty, you take their professionalism and turn it into personal hatred, you break their will and then blame them when they lose control, you are the executioners of your own fate, you will all die at my steady hand, at my rifle.

You, the ‘innocents’ you the people that allow yourselves to be victimized, the weak, the feeble, I wished to be the Shepard to your flock, to guide you out the shadow of the valley of death, to take you above those that seek to break and destroy you. Alas, too far gone, one too many times you have sided with those very criminals that brought this pain and suffering upon you. You share the blame and the guilt with those criminals, know this, be you man, woman, child, fit and able, disabled, it matters not any more, by my hand you will be targeted, you will be brought to your knees, perhaps then you will see the light and make the right decision.

Heed me, keep your eyes on those rooftops, join together and survive or fall apart and die, above all, FEAR ME.

The Hathian Sniper.

This Sniper, now with a manifesto, clearly has no issue taking shots at whoever is so unfortunate to cross his or her path, again, we urge citizens to be constantly aware, report anything to the police and look out for one another. We continue our wide-scale investigation into these shootings and intend to bring down this so called ‘Hathian Sniper’ as soon as is humanly possible.

Det. Lt. A. Moonshadow
MCU & Media Liason

Council candidate Davenport, who served last year as the leading forensic psychiatrist on a variety of HPD investigations of serial offenders, gave her opinion of the Crackshot’s mental state and motivations.

“This woman’s fixation on right and wrong, and the tone of desperation in the letter, suggest a history of repeated victimization. She projects on her targets the same feelings of helplessness and agony she endures on a regular basis. Much as she is not suicidal yet, her actions have not become homicidal. Such tormented personalities do tend to escalate, however, and violence will worsen until she either seeks help or is apprehended.”

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