Woman Attacked at Church

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Several days ago the Hathian police department responded to a call that brought them to the old abandoned church on the road to Vodou. On arrival to the church, a woman was found beaten and in a serious condition. Detective Krystal O’Neil was one of the officers that arrived on scene. The woman that was in her late teens early twenty’s was taken to the Hathian General hospital where her injuries were treated.

The Hathian Police Department immediately jumped into action, they closed off the scene and assessed it for evidence that could lead them to the attacker. Due to the work of the HPD’s staff they easily found out who the suspect was.

Due to legal reasons, all names are being kept anonymous. O’Neil and another detective were assigned to the case. Due to the HPD’s excellent knowledge and the work of the investigation team they could connect their main suspect to the scene of the crime.

The attacker is a male, and a family member to one of the members of the HPD. We are unsure of the motive on why he committed this vicious crime. The attacker has yet to be arrested due to little information on his whereabouts, but officer O’Neil stated that the HPD will ¬†find him and place him behind bars.

O’Neil would like to thank the amazing work of her partner, the HPDs investigation team, members of the public, the work of the EMT’s and the staff at Hathian General, and anyone else that helped find this dangerous man.



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