Officer Gunned Down in Hostage Situation

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Paramedic Kate Stark and her faithful partner Lou ((NPC)) arrived on scene at an apartment near the hospital Thursday morning, not knowing what she was getting into. The call had said possible gunshot wounds, but there was no way to tell how many, or how many victims. All she could do was sit in the ambulance and wait for the all clear.

Two police officers, Meghan and Damien Lennox, stood outside with guns drawn. Inside, a man was shouting back to them. It was unclear what was going on, but multiple shots were fired inside. The cops continued to negotiate with the man inside, begging him to come out with whomever he was shooting at.

To Stark’s horror, the man persisted in being difficult so Officer Damien Lennox had to shoot tear gas into the window to hopefully smoke him out. It worked, and the door soon opened revealing the man holding the almost-lifeless body of Sergeant Sarah Fox.

While negotiations continued, all Stark could do was watch as her patient’s condition quickly declined. Finally, the man shoved Fox into the arms of Meghan Lennox, and gave chase. Damien and another officer who’d arrived for backup chased after him but were unable to apprehend the suspect.

Meanwhile, Fox’s life was in Stark’s hands. Stark drew on all of her medical training and tried to resuscitate the woman who was beloved by most in Hathian. When at first she didn’t respond, the situation seemed hopeless. But then, at last, the light flickered back into Fox’s eyes and she was given oxygen, and morphine as her wounds were bandaged. Fox was quickly transported to Hathian General.

It wasn’t revealed until later that the apartment belonged to Sgt. Fox and Stark’s Lieutenant. Officer Lennox informed the Observer that the Hathian Police Department knows who the man was since he left his car in front of the apartment. “We impounded it and got the registration from the love box. There is an active APB on this man.”

It is still unclear why this man was in the home of the Lieutenant and the Sergeant, but answers will be forth-coming when the sergeant is up for conversation.

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