Another First Responder Reported Missing

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An EMT with the Hathian Fire Department  was abducted late Wednesday evening, just a few feet away from the fire station entrance, officials reported.

Gracey Flanagan, age 24, had just finished her tour and left the firehouse, according to an internal announcement describing the event.

Just last week, another female member of the FDH was involved in a reported kidnapping at the same location, which prompted FDH Chief Rog Messmer to issue an internal memo warning all members of the department.

“It is strongly recommended that any female FDH member leaving the station make sure to get at least one ((NPC’d)) firefighter to escort them to their cars,” Messmer wrote in a statement. “I speak for the Dept. when I say that we all hope that Gracey comes out of this with nothing a case of penicillin and a few hot showers won’t cure.”

Flanagan has blonde hair, blue eyes and stands at around 5’4″. Anyone with information regarding her disappearance should contact authorities at the Hathian Police Department.

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