Arsonist Plagues Hathian

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On the eve of the 13th of December Haithan Fire Department was called to Main Street near the college due to a home being fully engulfed in flames.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the home of FDH Captain Shadow “Doe” Ninetails was the home burning. Several trucks from the FDH arrived and started to fight the fire but without success because the home quickly fell to the ground in a smoldering heap of timbers. Chief Messmer who was on the scene refused comment.

This news is tragic however it is only the fourth in a series of bombings and arson cases in past several weeks. First was a bombing at the motel across from the Hathian Police Department followed by a HPD Lieutenants SUV being blown up just behind the station and thankfully no one was hurt.

HPD Major Crime Unit has been contacted however they are refusing to comment on an open investigation. One source within the HPD spoke on the condition of anonymity said that the MCU team is close to capturing the suspect or suspects and they will be brought to justice soon enough but will that arrest be in time before something worse happens and people are killed because of a terrorist loose in the city?

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