You “Reap” What You Sow

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Thursday evening, The Observer office received a mysterious phone call where it sounded like it came from the voice of a child.  But the words that were spoken could not be words that a young child would speak.

“We got a little present for you.  We know you are looking for a story to write,” said the anonymous caller.  “So here is one. Come to the Grind, we left a little surprise for you there hanging on the wall next to the underground garage. And make sure to write in your story.  If you fuck with us, we fuck with you!”

Without hesitation, the Hathian Observer took to the streets in search of this mysterious situation.  What this reporter came across could only be described as “beautifully tragic.”

On the corner of Bourbon & Hathian Highway was the figure of a bloody female hanging from the wall in a pose that one might see as their crucifixion. The female, later identified only as “Jade” by those that had arrived on scene in an attempt to help her, seemed lifeless and left to die by the figures dressed in all black that had escaped the scene only moments before the arrival of this reporter.

Upon further review of photography footage, it was concluded the victim was nailed down on two planks of wood.  Her arms were coated in some sort of wax like material that left her with blood red wings attached to her arms.

The final display of tragic beauty being the nails that lined up along each side of her legs and through their flesh.  But what makes this even more mysterious are the words that hung above the victim:

“Reapers can’t kill if they can’t walk.  But can they fly?”

The individuals that crucified this woman are not currently known and could still be on the loose, and the condition of “Jade” could not be obtained at the time of publication.


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