Cop Assaults Reporter After Finding Headless Body In Car Park

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On October 19th, a headless body, along with a tortured woman, known as Leila Barnes who is possibly connected with the plague doctor kidnapping earlier that morning, were found at the local car park.

The body had carvings cut into it, and the woman who was tortured had her left kneecap missing, and was being helped by a armed masked man. The dead woman was unidentified and the other tortured one quite possibly was the one attacking her earlier, Leila Barnes.

The reporter on scene took photographs of Leila Barnes, but was assaulted by both the masked man, and a local police offer who arrived on scene, by the name of Luke Barnes, a relative of Leila Barnes. The reporter was then taken to the police station in question of the murder, but was released later on bail.

Do we live in a city where it is, not allowed to seek the truth, where pictures cannot be shared? A woman was murdered and another tortured, quite possibly by the plague doctor.

The police have not commented on the matter, and no further investigations have taken place.

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