Masked Men, Assault At Columtreal

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At 10PM on September 11, four masked men were spotted on Columtreal Campus’ main square, and may be connected with an assault on a local young man, Teddie Furyo, 17. The men were spotted by Gabrielle Juniper, Columtreal University cheerleader, and reported it on Twitter. Around this time, a fire was set on campus that burned Teddie Furyo.

Furyo was lit on fire by kerosene at Columtreal that evening. Hospital records indicate that Furyo had been severely injured before the burning. He suffered a dozen lacerations, two broken knees, had his head shaved and was strangled by plastic or metal wire.

Furyo stated to this reporter that he had made threats to the Columtreal Cheer Squad prior to the assault. He identified a woman named “Seo” accompanied the men, but provided no further details. At this time, no report of any incident against Furyo was made to Hathian Police Department. Furyo himself has expressed no interest in pursuing his attackers.

Sources around Columtreal campus indicate that this assault may be part of a recent movement among the students to protect themselves from local gangs and other criminals. Over the past two months, students have been frequently speaking about organizing a response to threats toward campus students and staff. Given Furyo’s belief that he was assaulted for threatening a cheerleader or cheerleaders, it may be that the masked men were part of this movement.

Columtreal University has a substantial history of periodic student movements organized to defend against criminal violence. The Rejects gang of east Hathian engaged in years of conflict with the Columtreal Cheer Squad in the early 2010s. Assaults on students have dropped in recent years, but seem to have come on the rise since early 2014, with 7 felony assaults since May.

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