Ava Delacroix Turns Herself In, Ending Reign of Terror

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On July 14, 2014, Ava Delacroix, who had been on the run since she escaped the Prison PenPal Prom, and Matsui Thei, a known member of the gang, The Rejects, willingly turned themselves in to the Hathian Police Department, finally ending their reign of terror on the streets of Hathian.

Corporal Colton Vond and Detective Angel Moonshadow were appointed as lead investigators of the case after a string of brutal crimes were committed. Some of the incidents included the Lou’s bombing, Lala Smith’s murder, and the brutal kidnapping of Kirvi Vond.

Corporal Vond interviewed a few people until they were able to communicate with Delacroix. “She called me, and told me she wanted to surrender to me, with a few conditions of course,” he explained.

Delacroix allegedly had three conditions that had to be met in order to comply with being brought in by the HPD. According to Vond, “The first was that she be tried for an insanity plea, led by Paige Davenport as her selected psychiatrist. The second was that Seth Corbin admit himself with her and Matsui. The third was that she was not harmed in any way whilst doing this.”

Paige Davenport, Delacroix’s Psychiatrist, diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia, a sub-type of Schizophrenia. It is defined as a chronic, lifelong mental illness where one loses touch with reality in the form of psychosis. Delacroix often spoke about “the monster” who told her to do terrible things. Delacroix claimed that if she doesn’t comply, it would physically hurt her. She revealed that “even the medication only turns it down.”

Vond went on to explain, “She [Delacroix] doesn’t know what she does is good or bad. She has no concept of it aside from her desire to truly help people. Her reality is not our reality. She will no sooner draw a picture of a butterfly then go cut up a corpse and play with its entrails, like it is the same thing. Such a notion is horrid to us, but to her, no. To her, we are all of the same flesh, the same meaningless atoms that comprise of the universe. We are insignificant and important all at once.”

In light of this knowledge, the HPD agreed to her terms. Vond said, “We negotiated the time, and I rounded up a small crew of cops to secure Hathian General Hospital whilst Ava was taken in.”

Vond assures the public that Delacroix “will be serving her sentence in HGH and undergoing therapy to address her [severe] mental condition.” Delacroix will not be allowed any visitors until Davenport, who is working with Vond and the HPD, clears her for it.

Thei, who has been linked to several of the crimes committed by Delacroix, was also taken into custody. According to Vond, Thei willingly turned himself in because of his love and dedication to Delacroix.

In regards to Seth Corbin’s involvement, Vond states, “He was caught up befriending Ava incidentally one day when she was taken to the Gein for something to eat. He happened to be there, and one thing led to another, and Ava became really fond of the kid.

“In fact, she trusted him so much, she confided in him. He took it upon himself to tell me, and report to me at every moment Ava made contact with him leading up to her arrest. We were going to use him to bait her out, but when she wanted him to come with her, we had no choice but to send him in with her. He did a noble thing sacrificing himself like that. Needless to say, his name is cleared, he is not insane, and he’s out of the ward now.”

Vond stated that since her arrest, “Ava has been cooperative with HPD to date since I’ve been working with her. In fact, she is offering up her knowledge on criminal mentality to help our detectives in their investigations, if they wish to consult her. In the meantime, she’s in lockdown, and receiving daily therapy. On review of her assessment at the end of her time, will likely deem if she will make parole or require further …rehabilitation.”

With Delacroix and Thei in custody, citizens of Hathian can rest a little bit easier. HPD, Corporal Vond and Detective Moonshadow in particular, worked tirelessly to bring Delacroix and her accomplices to justice. This highlights the beneficial contributions of the HPD, despite their reputation of brutality and corruption.

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