Carnival of Terrors

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The annual carnival is in full swing once again and is the biggest ever, but it wouldn’t be Hathian if a few crimes weren’t tossed into the mix.

A few days ago, Fire Department of Hathian member, Emily Cooper, was pushed off the ferries wheel, resulting in broken limbs, only for another shocking event to take place days later.

A half naked man was found after being violently assaulted in the carnival grounds earlier this week. The man eventually collapsed and died at the feet of previous Chief of Police, Hendrich Andel, and a few other officers. The man’s penis and scrotum had been removed by a knife, and shoved into his mouth.

Moments before the man’s death, witnesses claim that Detective Jestyr and girlfriend, local event planner Audrina Tolsen, had been discussing things with the victim when Tolsen allegedly shoved the victim, who is now known to be Dorado Ducha, from a nearby pier.

Detective Jestyr had no comment about said allegations or involvement. Later citations reveled Detective Jestyr had cited the man for various crimes and a recording of a radio call announced that Ducha had jumped from the pier willingly.

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