Racist 911 Call Erupts Into Street Fight

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On the morning of May 5th, a police dispatcher received a 911 call in regards to a African-American male who was seemingly doing nothing but loitering around.

The racially abusive man who dialed 911 stated to the dispatcher, “I don’t see any watermelon around here, I can only assume his monkey ass is up to some trouble.”

Police arrived on-scene shortly after to find that the two men in question had erupted into a street fight, the racist man shouting profanities which further stirred up the victim.

Police quickly broke them apart and just when everything seemed to settle, the abusive male stirred up another fight, promptly causing the police officers to detain the male.

Originally, the suspect was going to receive a single citation for misuse of the 911 dispatch system, but his actions cost him fifteen hours in jail for assault and disorderly conduct.

An officers who responded to the call told the Observer, “I think racism is rampant in Hathian, and what happened yesterday is a good example. Because of where I’m from I’ve faced a lot of racism, the majority coming from one of my colleges in the police department. This man is just another example of one of the many problems Hathian has.”

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