Cops, Reapers and Corruption? Oh My!

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Late arrival upon a brutal beating of a young woman identified as Kaoru Matsie was witnessed and captured on camera earlier this week.

An unidentified police officer was already on scene as a young man identified as “Cay” was beating on Kaoru right outside the Grind.  Along with him was a heavy set woman whom had a massive hammer sheathed to her hip.  Both wore green rags along their arms and “Cay” made a reference to the Reapers.

With the police already on scene, one could assume justice would have been dealt, but on the contrary, the thin blond police officer was shouting and encouraging the fight!

When the small woman rose up and defended herself, the cop then decided to take the girl down while “Cay” slammed his nail laced bat into Kaoru’s arm and then proceeded to stomp on the girl while the cop cuffed her and held her down.

The hammer wielding unidentified woman did not partake in the violent affair and seemed more interested in getting herself and “Cay” away from the cop that was aiding them.  Once the pair departed the area the cop then stapled a notice upon the girl’s body.  When approached, the officer seemed very agitated about the entire event and threw any bearing and professionalism out the window.  No arrest was made, amazingly.

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