Clerk Arrested For Lacing Burritos Sold at the Clam

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A Clam employee by the name of Brett ((NPC)),  also known as “Stoner Brett”, was arrested for selling burritos laced with Rohypnol, more commonly known as roofies, to a minor. Brett was convicted of reckless endangerment to a minor and is currently serving thirty days in the county jail. Renaldo ((NPC)) has been hired to replace “Stoner Brett”.

Management stated, “We had no idea there was anything wrong with the burritos, but we’ve made 100% sure that there ain’t anything wrong with anything else. We truly believe Brett is innocent and that this crime is the work of the Reapers.”

Authorities could not be reached to comment at this time. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the HPD immediately.

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