Cops Raid Crows

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Several sightings of police vehicles were found outside of the abandoned church, know Crow territory, on the north east side of Hathian on Tuesday evening.

Some witness within the vicinity stated that gunshots were heard inside of the derelict building as police swept through the area. Citizens rumor that this was a raid regarding the recent events that occurred at the Hathian Police Department.

When interviewed about the raid, Lieutenant Jack Hartigan replied, “Last night at approximately 5:30 p.m. the Hathian Police Department conducted a routine sweep of an abandoned building acting on intel that a missing officer was inside. We’re happy to report that there were zero casualties and the officer has been safely recovered and is resting at home.”

Unfortunately no name was given to identify the recovering officer. When asked whether rumors that the Crows were involved were true, the Lieutenant’s response was less than favorable as he responded, “There were a lot of individuals from a lot of the different associations through Hathian involved in everything this weekend, while the officer was recovered in a known Crow hangout, our investigation has yet to be concluded.”

At this time, it is uncertain if there were any Crows inside of the building when the team entered or if anyone was harmed. More updates to this story as we continue to search for the answers.

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