Members of “The Red Queens” Wanted For Severed Head Delivered to Funeral

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On September 25th, Detective Skye Weaver stopped at the Pie Hole for takeout. Upon her arrival, she witnessed an assault. An employee revealed that a woman in a pink hoodie had thrown pizza at one of the other employees.

A woman in a pink hoodie, who was heading out the door, was reprehended by Weaver, identifying her as Kat Middleton, who was previously presumed dead. Weaver arrested Middleton on the spot and brought her down to the station. She and Melodia have both been released from custody.

The previous crimes, along with the current case, seem to be a part of an elaborate plot relating to the gang, “The Red Queens”, whom they are both affiliated with. It has been confirmed that River Laveau, who is also a member of The Red Queens, is also wanted in relation to the most recent crime.

Detective Weaver confirmed to the Hathian Observer that she has sent an APB for all three of them, stating, “I am sure that they’re involved. That’s why I’m bringing them in. We need to figure out who that head belongs to.”

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the HPD immediately.

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