Crow Member Terrorizes The Clam Repeatedly

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The Clam has racked up thousands of dollars in damages due to frequent attacks by Crow member Mortimer Crow. On several occasions, in late July and early August, Mortimer has caused havoc within the store. Not only did he smash the windows of the Clam, but he allegedly drank slurpies, eating their food, and throwing things without paying for any of the items.

The store manager, Poe Henusaki, stated that, “He’s broke my windows and stuff so often I can’t even afford to replace ’em anymore. My insurance company bloody well dropped me cause of it.”

Henusaki insists that the Crows have no real reason to terrorize her store, other than the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Tinker Crow, also known as Walter, stabbed her after they broke up. Shortly after, he committed suicide.

“I handed copies of every incident’s CCTV footage over to police at HPD multiple times, filed actual reports and everything, and they ‘tell’ me they’re gonna do somethin’, but they ain’t done shit,” Henusaki revealed.

Upon looking at the public records, however, it became apparent that there weren’t reports made regarding any of the incidents. When I questioned the HPD, they insisted that no report had been made and do not recall the incidents.

Regardless of the HPD’s involvement, the surveillance tapes make it clear that The Clam had been terrorized by Mortimer Crow. There was even footage of Mortimer stabbing someone in the middle of the store.

Henusaki expressed concern over the state of the store in light of the attacks, stating, “If the Clam gets much more damage or theft, I might have to shut it down. I’m the only God damned store that sells cigarettes and lottery, far as I know. I’d like to see what all these douchebags do when they come in askin’ fer smokes and the place is fuckin’ empty.”

With the business in jeopardy, Henusaki makes it clear that she just wants justice to be served. “I just want the HPD to do what they SAY they’re gonna do and actually POLICE this town and arrest the som’bitch!”

While the previous involvement of the HPD remain inconclusive, it has been made abundantly clear that the HPD need to get a handle on the terror inflicted by The Crows and the other gangs of this town before places like The Clam will be forced to shut down.

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