Reapers Responsible For Vandalizing Liqour Store, Robbers Strikes Same Day

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The Bottom’s Up liquor store out on Berthier street was vandalized earlier this week by a Hathian street gang known as the Reapers. Bottom’s Up is owned by Hathian local, Ellis Millet, 37.

Millet, a former HGH employee and a part time journalist, was not present in the store but security cameras were able to capture images of the gang members involved in breaking and entering and the store and then subsequently vandalizing it.

The Hathian Observer were able to take a look at the security footage of three females who went on a rampage in the store, leaving behind graffiti, tagging the store.

An anonymous source claims that the Reapers “.. broke most of the merchandise and  burglarized the store.” One Reaper prospect who is often seen wearing a yellow bandana- the gang’s color for prospective members, according to a former Reaper- was identified as Trixie, a former prostitute. The other two females were not easily identifiable but one was a Caucasian female with blonde hair while the other female had tan skin and darker features.

DANNI2_001When Millet came to clean up in the store, he revealed that locals James Weaver and former employee Danni Melodia,  arrived at the store. “Danni and James broke in hours after. Danni acted like she wanted to check around thinking she left her wallet here that day.”

The store owner was attacked, “”and then James came up behind me…and they both…Attacked me. I tried to…you know, get the upper hand but two versus one always sucks.” He claims that Melodia ” took everything from the safe right clean and left. Weaver took his gun that he already had pointed at me and shot me then left”.

Melodia spoke out about the robbery, “”I neva wonted Ellis ta get shot, I neva’ intented fo’ it to go that far, at all..” claiming that, “I was goin’ ta’ quit tha’ sto’.. simple as dat”…”I didn’t even know dat Trixie fucked his sto’ up.. or intened to… but I was gonna’ quit dat day anyway.. and James and I were just gonna..Fuck on da counta and take shit out da safe.. den Ellis was dere.”

She claims that Weaver, “he be my EX boyfriend,” took things too far. “what had happen was.. I had all the safe’s shit up in my arms, bagged up, and ready to carry out  I asked him ta make sure Ellis didn’ follow us… thinkin’ dat he’d just watch him or sum.. kick round… anythang but shoot him… It was done with a smile on his face, i’m sure…” She added that “Sure, Ellis done put people thru alotta hell, but he didn’t deserve no bullet wound.”

Melodia was arrested shortly afterwards but Millet is still bitter about the recent events at his store, with not just one but two attacks on it in the space of hours.



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