Feud Between Crows and HPD Escalates as Crows Attack Lieutenant Susser

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Pariah, a well-known member of the gang Crows, and an unknown accomplice were allegedly assaulting Lieutenant Susser in front of Lou’s late Wednesday night. Pariah, carrying an axe, and the other assailant, who wielded a wrench, attacked the officer wildly as Lieutenant Susser fought for her life.

Detective Feld was quick to arrive on scene and managed to fend off the two attackers as Pariah and her accomplice moved to escape on foot. Lieutenant Susser, in a surprising twist told the HPD Officers, “Let ’em go. I know where they fucking live.” Although bewildered, the other HPD officers complied to her orders while both of the suspects limped off to freedom.

When I asked Lieutenant Susser why she let them go she stated, “Arresting them could interfere with another investigation, and that’s all I can say right now.”

While the details of the investigation against Pariah and her accomplice remains unknown, one thing is certain, they are being pursued. Until then, the citizens of Hathian can only hope that they are arrested before more people get injured.

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