Grind Barista Claims Officer Particpated in Robbery

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Officer Hendrassen has been accused of assaulting civilians before.
Officer Hendrassen has been accused of assaulting civilians before.

More serious accusations have arisen in regards to a particular member of the HPD. Officer Hendrassen, 25, has been accused by Daily  Grind barista, Emily Cooper and Master Bates Inn manager, Marissa Hambrook of actively assisting in a robbery on the coffee shop weeks before she was also accused of assaulting a teenager. “This cop, Lorena, has been harassing me on several occasions at work. Plus she has been threatening the customers. However the worst of the incidents was on March 16, I think somewhere around 3-4 PM, when she brought some thug lady to the Grind.” Cooper revealed to the Hathian Observer. Hambrook, a friend of Cooper, confirmed this. “.. another female customer walked into the Grind. She wore pretty run down clothes and had some Asian features. The woman started to ramble about having a coffee for free..I didn’t want to leave Emily alone with her” She stated that the “customer pretended to pull a knife..balancing on the counter, without really threatening us.”

The Daily Grind coffee shop
The Daily Grind coffee shop

Cooper claims that the ‘customer’ then “smashed the cash register and emptied it. Of course I didn’t realize it was Lorena’s doing until her grinning face appeared in the doorway. In order to trick the security cameras Lorena cuffed the woman, but let her keep the money.” However on the security camera, it appears that Cooper made Officer Hendrassen coffee before she escorted the Asian female out in handcuffs from the coffee shop. Hambrook states that “She also ordered a coffee from Emily, which she didn’t pay for. I can’t say that the situation ever got overly dangerous, although I must say that the security camera probably played a role in this, I felt so overly embarrassed having to see this. Officer Hendrassen’s job is to keep the citizens of our city safe, but she does just the opposite and harasses them even more. And that in a way that is as bold as I haven’t seen it for a good while.”  Security footage shows Hendrassen entering the Grind and arresting the Asian female, thought to be in her twenties and unidentified, ordering a coffee and leaving the Grind with the female, money included.

Officer Hendrassen denies the allegations.
Officer Hendrassen denies the allegations.

Frankly, this cop is crazy and downright dangerous, and she HAS to get off the streets. It’s a shame really, because most officers in this city really have my full respect, and they have helped me several times. But Lorena is a disgrace to the uniform. It’s officers like her that make the entire PD look bad. Me and Marissa have been holding off on going to you since we’ve been searching for a lawyer who might be able to make a case against her, but no luck there yet.” Cooper admitted, while Hambrook acknowledged that they had waited several weeks to come forward with their story. The two claim that they decided they didn’t have enough evidence to put against the Officer but when the article on Hendrassen’s alleged assault of teenager Siddalee Matfield appeared in the news, the two felt more confident about reporting the Officer.  It also appears that there is no police report over the incident on that date and regarding the incident.

When asked about the robbery, Officer Hendrassen claims the two women are lying and denied she had done anything wrong. “these two ladies ack lahk they right’ous upstandin’ members of the communitee…but they ain’. Emilee Cooper is a pathological liar…it been’ that fren’ of hers ain’ nothin’ but a lyin’ whore. They has mental issues, clearlee.” She was quick to point out that Cooper had made her a coffee after the arrest. “she fix me a cup-why she do that if ah’m the Devil? An’ then she says to me, yoo wan’ keep that monee? it all on me…thank yoo fer keepin’ me safe from this crazy Jap.. ah ain’ wan’ keep it but she pracktikally refuse to take it back. So ah kept it, why not? ah was homeless when ah furs’ arrived here, peeple kyant judge.”

Hendrassen also said that the report was “lost” because a K-9 dog had eaten it. “these dogs…they do be a handful sometahms.” and she claims that the Asian female had managed to knock her out unconscious shortly after escorting her from the Daily Grind. “she manage to raise her hands and hit me on the hayed, ah ain’ realize she was so strong, lahk a Sumo Wrassler..” and run off. She admitted that she was embarrassed that the criminal had gotten away but stated, “these two wait weeks an’ weeks to report this? an’ why now? they ain’ lahk me an’ they see that article ’bout the kid who ain’ lahk me either. Then they git this idea to talk ’bout how ah’m involve in this shit when ah ain’ even involve. Ah mess up by the criminal knockin’ me out but mistakes do happen. Ah’m sorree they feel they has to lie. She ain’ make good coffee anyway.”

The controversy surrounding the officer seems to be increasing, with allegations of physical assault and now, accusations of robbery. What is clear is that any more stories that surface about the Officer will definitely do more damage to the Officer’s reputation and might even result in her losing her job. “it ain’ always eazee but ah’m a whippin’ gal fer these folks…it jus’ the way it go, truly.” Hendrassen stated before she returned to patrolling the streets-for better or worse.

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