Harvey Federal Institute Under Review, Shocking Findings

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The prison facility is being inspected by a Mr Smith who is
The prison facilities review findings are shocking and disturbing
  •  Harvey Federal Institute, the infamous prison facility located in the Mississipi has been subjected to a congressional review and the findings have been published recently to expose shocking and scandalous details, including;


  • Missappropriation of funds
  • OSHA standards not met
  • Lack of background checks

The reviews findings showed that “food sources have been charged to state and federal governments at a rate much higher than actual food costs.” Also “Food waste from sister companies was often the source of the in-mate nutrition programs, including rancid meats, mold covered bread and spoiled milk.” with Mr. Smith, CEO and head of operations as well as  the board of directors pocketing profits.

The prison failed to meet basic standards
The prison failed to meet basic standards and saftey measures.

Also found below standard were the safety regulations which even led to the fall of one of the prison wardens from a central guard tower by an inmate. “Lack of hairnets, lack of body armor, lack of safety rails. Improper lighting, Kitchen facilities unsanitary. Guards’ gear untested and faulty..” were some of the reviews findings.

The lack of background checks apparently resulted in a serial killer being hired. Dr. Drakul was allegedly hired from overseas, only to be discovered as a murderer by one of the other wardens, a Ms. Ravenhurst. “The brutal styling of this man’s killings makes the panel wonder what he was doing to the inmates of HFI,” but the review also stated, “The panel has found that Mr. Smith stated that he was indeed doing background checks on his staff and charging the US DOC for the costs of every member of the staff.”  Smith, the congressional board suggested, should also pay back $ 1,000,000.00 to the Department of Corrections for expenditures. “The Panel has looked into Mr. Smith’s fiscal records and found a series of trips, high end cars, yachts and other expenses that can only be described as lavish.”

When asked about the review and it’s findings, Mr. Smith had this to say: “I think that as the review panel looks into these terrible allegations they will find that they are false..while Dr. Drakul was indeed found to be a serial killer his record was indeed clean stateside.” and in response to the other various charges,  “You can’t expect a company such as ours to go overseas for background checks as well.. Profiteering is a bit harsh don’t you think? We as a company pride ourselves in providing the best training and equipment for both staff and inmates.. Every details was checked and is still being checked to insure that Harvey and  our other institutions are ran with dignity and service in mind.”

With Mr. Smith and the staff  refusing to admit the validity of the review’s findings, it appears that although the staff and Mr Smith are trying to put on a front, there have been reports of a crack down with a cleaning up process going on inside the facility, according to an official source who wished to remain anonymous but works as a guard at the facility. This source revealed that a recent bug infestation had occured with inmates subjected to chemical showers and the prison and staff treated for bugs. The source also confirmed that the review’s findings were correct, stating that: “Many have quit because of the conditions. It is sad and unfortunate.”

With many Hathianites sent to HFI over the past years and recent months, the transfer of prisoners to HFI might stop if the facility finds itself in deeper trouble and is closed down for the findings that the review have brought to exposure. Unless the corporation can change the facility and prove to the council that it has improved the conditions, it would seem that the facility is in a desperate way with all these charges and in a state of crisis with allegations of abuse from former prisoners leveled at wardens and guards employed at the Institute.

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