Need to talk to someone?

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Ever feel like you have something to get off your chest?

That boyfriend treating you wrong?

That girlfriend not giving you the time of day and you feel like you need to talk to someone?

Maybe your family life isn’t the best and you just wished you could talk to someone without being ridiculed.


PHD Iokko Matfield is here to help you, graduated from Columtreal University with her PHD in Psychology.  The doctor is in and taking new patients currently, with or without medical coverage.  I work with a sliding scale so if you are in a low paying job and or not in a job at all we can still help you!  I special is couples, marriage, family, children, adult therapy and also medication prescriptions as well.


Contact Phone Number :

(1) 702-555-7345

Email :

[email protected] (not real)

((in world contact : iokko molko))


Please remember if there is an emergency that you should always call (911), call for a free consultation!

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