Photographers Wanted!

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Attention Hathian! Are you someone with a sharp eye and steady hand? Do you enjoy photography and film work? Are you looking to show off your creativity and skills with a camera? Then Valmont Entertainment may be looking for you! While V.E. never closes its door to new talent, we are currently seeking hardworking, ambitious photographers who do not shy away from nudity or the more risqué scenarios such as adult film making. In fact, we’d love for our cameramen/women and photographers to brainstorm with our models/actors/actresses and bring forward their ideas to the shoots. If you feel that working with Valmont Entertainment is something you might be interested in, please! feel free to contact Ashlee King (Teagan Wickentower) or Valmont Marseille at 551-555-4848 (all in world)  to set up an appointment. Portfolio not necessary but is preferred.

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