Exclusive: Update On Murder case,MWitness In Officer urder Case Killed, Suspect Arrested

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  Witness Andrea Moretti, 34, was discovered laying in the same location as murdered officer Alphonse Rudolf,31, on King’s Road opposite of Rader Record Store not long after positively identifying one suspect involved in the case.

Moretti had been called into the HPD to I.D one suspect known as Lena Swan whom she had seen fleeing the crime scene and hours later her dead body was discovered by a journalist from the Observer who claimed that nobody else was present at the scene. The only item left behind at the scene was a joint near the dead body. Moretti’s body was found bruised with handprints around her neck and it appears she may have managed to scratch her attacker, believed to be a Dontavius Streeter, with tissue found under her nails according to an official source.

 “Dontavius Streeter is wanted for the murder of Officer Alphonse Rudolf and witness Andrea Moretti. The suspect is an African-American probably in the Mid-Age 20’s and is about 6′ 4 Build  with Black short hair. He is considered dangerous and a threat to the community.” Lieutenant Gutter  had declared in a statement issued to the press. He also added that the suspect “.. is also known by his street name “Truth”. He is probably linked to the Lower 9th Rejects- a well known local Gangs that rapes and murder innocent people.” Not too long after issuing this statement, the HPD were able to apprehend Streeter.

  The Lieutenant released pictures of the suspect to the Hathian Observer and the Observer was informed by the Lieutenant that Streeter had been arrested by officers Olbers and Jaebus who were employed on a hunt specifically to track and find the suspect.

Moretti has already been in the news for her arrest and then susbsequent involvement in identifying one of the suspects who fled the crime scene. She had declared publically that she  had tried to make up for her attempt to steal the dead officer’s badge and wallet by co-operating with the police and identifying the suspect after she was released, cleared on the charge of murder.

  Paramedics were called to the scene, with EMT Rog Messmer arriving to declare the victim dead on arrival. An officer, officer Creotz Leflore, from the HPD arrived shortly afterwards to take down the details.

Andrea Moretti may have been arrested for theft but she attempted to turn her life around and was brave enough to come forward as a witness when there are far too many people who are scared to talk out and testify or identity against those who are linked with gangs and may have indulged in serious crimes such as the murder of Officer Rudolf. She should be remembered not as a victim but as somebody who was willing to stand up against the criminal elements in the city and see justice served.



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