Officer In Police Brutality Law suit; Man Shot Unlawfully Caught On Video Survelliance

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Zim Bartavelle was in the process of breaking up a bar fight when police raided the establishment.
Zim Bartavelle was in the process of breaking up a bar fight when police raided the establishment.

Lou’s Bar on Bourbon Street was the scene of a bar fight and police shoot out  that erupted between four females with police arriving on scene to try and control the fight which had several people trying to break it up before the arrival of police who drew their guns on the crowd.

I would like to say that this was a gross misuse of power by the HPD. Officer Thorpe and I had a scuffle in a previous incident and he was knocked unconcious.. this was nothing more then a retaliation for that incident. I would hope that Chief Andel would step up and do what is right and remove the officer from duty as well as arrest the man for attempted murder.” Bartavelle, 30, stated to The Hathian Observer, when he related how he had been arrived ater the fight had already started,  trying to break up the fight between two of his friends and two unidentified females when the officers arrived and tried to intervene.

I was trying to help out some friends who got caught up in a bar brawl in Lou’s on Tuesday.I got shot by officer Sofia in the gut and dropped. Idon’t remember shit but when I woke up there was a bullet wound to my left shoulder..” Bartavelle explained, managing to pull video surveillance footage from Lou’s security camera to prove his case. It appears Officer Keolanui shot Bartavelle in the gut and caused him to drop towards her, passing out  almost immediately after being struck by the bullet due to shock.

You fucking cunt Sofia you know were we just trying to break this shit up, he stopped you from shooting them and you gotta pull that shit. What the fuck is wrong with you?” One of Bartavelle’s friend Genevieve Milos was overheard shouting at Officer Keolanui on tape, as Keolanui  moved away from Zim.  It is then clear to see that Officer Thorpe steps up after deliberating for a moment, while Officer Keolanui moves on to try and handle the situation in the bar and shoots the clearly unconcious and bleeding Bartavelle once in the shoulder, without any provocation.

Alana Scorfield was provoked in the bar brawl which turned into a police shoot out.

“I don’t  know names of the girls that started the whole shit, I was there with my friend, drinking, till two brainless chicks started their mouth, obviously seeking attention.” A participant in the bar brawl, Alana Scorfield, explains why the fight occured in the first place. ” I ignored them, though at one point she irritated me and so the fight started, but yeah, I have  enough friends obviously, so back up soon arrived, being Zim and Gen.Of course, big crowds draws attention, two officers came down, one being Thorpe, whom was later identified as such” Another eyewitness can verify that the fight was started by the two unidentified females, one of an Asian appearance and the other a brunette with sunglasses and a leather jacket. Scorfield, a friend of Gen Milos and associate of Bartavelle, added that; “he was shot for perfectly no good reason at all, he was down .. out fucking cold already.” Scorfield also admitted that “I dont like Zim, we have our grudges, but to see him take a  shot in his shoulder, even I thought that was very wrong.”

At the time of press, Officer Thorpe was unavailable to comment although The Hathian Observer had tried to contact him. A copy of the surveillance footage was shown to the Observer and it appears that Bartavelle has a solid case for police brutality. It even appears to hold true that Bartavelle and his friend Genevieve Milos had arrived to break up the fight. With the evidence and eyewitness accounts, Bartavelle is issuing the HPD with a law suit, using lawyer Shannon Portal to argue his case although with this much evidence, there is not a lot left to argue. Will Chief Andel fire Officer Thorpe for abuse of his position as an officer of the law or will Bartavelle’s law suit be unsucessful? The court rooms are set to decide.



















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