Hit and Run of HPD Officer

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Off duty officer being assisted after hit and run

On the afternoon of August 7, 2012, a hit and run occurred in front of the Pie Hole. The Hathian Police Department was in pursuit of female fugitive,  with many warrants out on her, and pulled up behind the car she was a passenger in. A civilian’s car happened to then cross in front of the car, carrying the fugitive, pinning them in, and making it a seemingly easy arrest for the HPD officer behind them.

Suddenly, the male driver sped up onto the curb  and struck an off duty officer with his car. He then turned right, managing to escape the police.

The HPD on-duty officer, who was in pursuit of the fugitive, knelt at the off-duty officer’s side and phoned paramedics to take the unresponsive officer to Hathian General Hospital. The officer remained in the hospital for some time and a source said it was very “touch and go” but she pulled through and managed to survive.

The two fugitives, responsible for this hit and run, are still at large: one a caucasian male approximately 6 feet with jet black hair and a hispanic female approximately 5 foot 2 inches with blonde hair.

The Fugitives escaping
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